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ATSU’s Doctor of Health Administration program preparing student for leadership roles

Chikanele Onyegam, PharmD, MPH, has already attained significant academic credentials, but in order to achieve her ultimate goals, believed she needed to advance her knowledge in different fields.

This is part of what led her to A.T. Still University-College of Graduate Health Studies’ (ATSU-CGHS) Doctor of Health Administration program.

“Completing my Doctor of Health Administration program is integral to realizing my future goals on multiple levels,” Onyegam said. “The program equips me with advanced knowledge and skills essential for leadership roles within the healthcare industry, enhancing my ability to contribute meaningfully to healthcare organizations’ success and improve patient care. Additionally, the program’s rigorous academic curriculum and practical experiences prepare me to navigate complex healthcare challenges effectively, fostering resilience and adaptability in dynamic healthcare environments.

“Furthermore, my belief in combining personal effort with divine guidance aligns perfectly with the program’s ethos. I trust God’s guidance to lead me to individuals who appreciate and value diligent work ethics. Throughout my academic and professional journey, I have been blessed to encounter mentors, colleagues, and collaborators who embody these principles, providing invaluable support and guidance. Completing this program enhances my knowledge and skills. It strengthens my commitment to ethical leadership and service excellence in healthcare, ultimately empowering me to make a positive impact in my future endeavors.”

Onyegam’s faith is something she credits for successfully finding balance between the demands of the program and her work and life responsibilities.

“My reliance on God has been unwavering. I surrender control and trust in His guidance, finding strength in His direction. Through this faith-centered approach, I have experienced His faithfulness and guidance, never once feeling disappointed in the path He has set before me,” she said.

ATSU-CGHS’ Doctor of Health Administration (DHA) degree program prepares health professionals ready to step into leadership roles to improve and influence healthcare administration systems. With coursework that is completed 100 percent online, future innovative leaders and problem solvers of the healthcare industry can earn their DHA degree wherever they are and advance their careers. 

The College’s respected DHA program’s curriculum blends the theoretical with the practical, offering graduates the holistic knowledge needed to consider healthcare systems built for the whole person. With coursework grounded in extensive research, this online DHA program builds up-to-date knowledge in healthcare policy and law, organizational theory, strategic planning, healthcare financing, health information systems, quantitative and qualitative research methods, and more. 

Onyegam, who anticipates completing the DHA by the end of 2024, said choosing ATSU came down to more than the program matching her goals. The University’s mission of service to the underserved stood out from the rest.

“Initially, my choice to pursue my studies at ATSU stemmed from its alignment with my personal and academic aspirations. I was drawn to ATSU’s program, recognizing it as the ideal fit for my educational goals. Moreover, I sought to be associated with a university renowned for its significant contributions to empowering minorities. ATSU’s commitment to this cause resonated deeply with me, further solidifying my decision to join its esteemed academic community,” she said.

If she had to do it all over again, Onyegam said she’d make the same decision, crediting ATSU-CGHS faculty who recognized the efforts she was putting in and offered her encouragement, even during times when things were difficult for her.

“ATSU has numerous dedicated professors characterized by their diligence, commitment, and compassion. These educators exhibit a genuine passion for their respective fields and demonstrate unwavering care and support for their student’s academic and personal growth,” she said.

Onyegam is already yielding benefits from the DHA program.

“As a practitioner scholar, I have integrated numerous learnings from this program into my professional endeavors, significantly impacting my professional life,” she said. “These include implementing conflict resolution strategies, facilitating my team’s exploration of concepts from ‘Crucial Conversations,’ engaging confidently in discussions about organizational governance, and spearheading process improvement initiatives, among others. Currently, I am on a detail assignment where I serve as the administrator for a clinic undergoing reopening after a three-year closure. This unique opportunity underscores the tangible application of the knowledge and skills acquired through this program, emphasizing its instrumental role in enabling such career advancements.”


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