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ATSU’s Doctor of Education in Health Professions program already leading student to new heights


When Brandi Maggard Townsley, MDH, began A.T. Still University-College of Graduate Health Studies’ (ATSU-CGHS) Doctor of Education in Health Professions program in 2020, her goal was to gain a position as a dental hygiene professor. 

In 2022, Maggard Townsley was hired as an assistant professor of dental hygiene and bachelor of science in dental hygiene online coordinator. Her goal was accomplished, but her program wasn’t yet (she expects to graduate this fall), and Maggard Townsley understands the value of the education she’s receiving from ATSU-CGHS.

“Securing that position would not have been possible without my educational preparation at ATSU,” Maggard Townsley said. “My goal is to be the best educator and mentor I can be to my students and colleagues. I now have the necessary skills to teach confidently and conduct relevant research because of the strong foundation ATSU has provided.

“In addition to the high-quality education and support from faculty and staff, I have also developed friendships while in the program. Learning with professionals from a wide variety of healthcare disciplines has been beneficial. I have learned so much from my classmates, who are exceptional individuals, educators, and students.”

Maggard Townsley said a colleague who had completed ATSU-CGHS’ Doctor of Health Sciences program recommended the University to her, and after learning more about the programs and structure, she decided to apply to the Doctor of Education in Health Professions program.

The Doctor of Education in Health Professions program at ATSU-CGHS is specifically focused on health professions education curriculum and instruction. This fully online program prepares healthcare educators with the skills and knowledge needed to teach and inspire the next generation of health professionals. No residency is required, allowing students to continue their careers without interruption as they expand their future professional options.

Maggard Townsley began in January 2020, and like so many the COVID-19 pandemic disrupted her personal and professional world. Through it all, she said, the program provided support.

“Between a pandemic, major renovations at my workplace, the death of several family members, and my daughter’s wedding, I have faced numerous challenges while in this program,” Maggard Townsley said. “Though I had to take a few semesters off along the way, the faculty and staff were understanding, supportive, and flexible when necessary. I do not often ask for help or flexibility, as it is crucial to avoid getting behind in this program; however, it has been freely given when I have needed extra time or support.”

She’s also had plenty of support at home as she navigated the challenging and rewarding Doctor of Education in Health Professions program.

“It is a demanding program; however, I schedule time for schoolwork and research throughout the week. It requires ongoing discipline and motivation. My family and friends understand that I must dedicate time to my studies. I have made sacrifices, but it will all be worth it soon. A supportive husband, family, friends, and employer have helped me push through the challenging times,” she said.


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