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ATSU Speech-Language Pathology faculty, students present research at Arizona conference

ATSU's Speech-Language Pathology program was represented at the Arizona Speech Language and Hearing Association conference.

A.T. Still University-Arizona School of Health Sciences (ATSU-ASHS) Speech-Language Pathology (SLP) program faculty and students presented research and met with prospective students during the Arizona Speech Language and Hearing Association conference. 

Maggie Sudimack, MA, CCC-SLP, director of clinical education, instructor, presented a platform session, “The SLPs Role in Breast-Body Feeding and Bottle Feeding Assessment.” The learning goals for participants in this session were to be able to analyze the latch on bottle or breast to determine what may be causing parental concern, to identify and analyze three possible causes of parental concern regarding latch on bottle or breast, and to develop and implement a minimum of four intervention strategies with the family to improve breast and/or bottle feeding.  

In order to promote a proper latch, a speech-language pathologist is able to suggest various techniques, such as adjusting position of infant, position of caregivers hands, bottle/nipple system, flow rate, adjusting feeding schedule, and educating parents how to read the infant’s cues when feeding (Mahurin-Smith & Genna, 2018; Shaker, 2018).

At this two-day conference, Ivonne Maldonado de La Rosa, PhD, MS, CCC-SLP, instructor, along with SLP program students Eva Guerrero and Rebecca Rodríguez-Wilson, represented ATSU-ASHS at the exhibitor’s hall to recruit prospective graduate students and faculty. They provided brochures and University informational products to the conference participants and were able to connect with other vendors, such as Super Duper, for speech therapy materials

Other students participated in the conference one day, including Grace Chemarck, Olivia Sisneros, Katelyn Rubida, and Diana Ruiz.


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