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ATSU Reflects on Black History Month: ‘I am my ancestors’ wildest dreams’

Brenae Maddix, MPH

“ATSU Reflects on Black History Month” is a series of personal statements from A.T. Still University faculty, staff, and students. This edition was recorded by Brenae Maddix, MPH, education integration specialist with ATSU’s School of Osteopathic Medicine in Arizona.

“I recognize and honor those whose shoulders I stand on. It reminds me of the extreme adversity they overcame to make sure future generations, like myself, could sit in these spaces of influence and change. It reminds me that anything is possible, dreams do come true, and even on the most challenging days it is imperative that I persevere for generations to come,” Maddix said. “It is an honor and a gift to be charged with such great responsibility to continue the work and legacy of my ancestors, who paved the way for others. I am my ancestors’ wildest dreams.”


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