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ATSU Master of Science in Kinesiology program provides confidence, skills, expertise

A.T. Still University-College of Graduate Health Studies (ATSU-CGHS) Master of Science in Kinesiology program student Holly Bosley is arming herself with skills and knowledge to serve the athletes she coaches today and tomorrow. 

“Each class has played a direct role in my ability to program lifts for my team, my ability to help motivate my athletes, and help me navigate difficult conversations that I used to avoid,” said Bosley, a collegiate sports human performance coach. “The program has given me confidence in areas where I was lacking confidence. Now, I know I can step into any job and have the confidence of research and experience to back up my work and thoughts.”

The Master of Science in Kinesiology program at ATSU-CGHS is designed for aspiring leaders in kinesiology, exercise science, strength and conditioning, health, and fitness. Health and fitness professionals can demonstrate their proficiency and aptitude for kinesiology principles needed to advance their practice and lead communities in this 42-credit hour program.

In order to offer a truly dynamic online kinesiology degree, ATSU-CGHS gives students the ability to tailor their degree to their passions with specialty tracks in Adaptive Sports, Corrective Exercise and Orthopedic Rehabilitation, Exercise and Sports Psychology, Functional Fitness for Older Adults, and Sports Conditioning.

Bosley, who anticipates completing her program this fall, has taken a dual track option, studying Sports Conditioning and Exercise and Sports Psychology. She plans her schedule accordingly, creating chunks of time for her studies.

“I am able to create days where more intense studying is able to occur, while the other days I can focus more on work and traveling with my teams,” she said. “Creating set study days and times really allows me to best access to completing work for the program.”

ATSU-CGHS faculty members have been key on Bosley’s journey, setting her up for success and providing opportunities to explore topics of interest.

“They guide my current levels of interest in each course while also letting me explore areas that are new to me. They foster growth with guidance and accountability, but the scope of the discussions is broad, which allows for more learning to occur between classmates,” she said.


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