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ATSU launches diversity web page

As a leading graduate health sciences university, ATSU prepares tomorrow’s healthcare providers for careers in an increasingly diverse, global society and believes that learning from and alongside those whose experiences, beliefs, and perspectives are different from our own enhances the educational experience.

The University is proud to announce the launch of its diversity web page, which may be found at Because diversity is so important to the University, this content is a priority on the website with top-level navigation on the homepage, a unique feature among academic institutions.

“ATSU continues to reinforce its commitment to diversity through innovation and an unparalleled pursuit of cultural proficiency. By placing a button linking to the new diversity section at the very top of its website, ATSU is proving to be a leader in health professions education,” said Clinton Normore, MBA, director of diversity.

We hope that you will check out this new web page to learn more about diversity at ATSU!

Also, the University is proud to unveil a diversity advertisement, which will appear in the 30th anniversary issue of Diverse Magazine in March. See it here first!


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