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ATSU-KCOM student says College’s world-class anatomy program providing tools for career goals

A.T. Still University-Kirksville College of Osteopathic Medicine (ATSU-KCOM) student Travis Hansen, OMS II, was working in a Colorado emergency room when he first began to consider ATSU-KCOM as the place to pursue his medical education. 

“I initially chose to apply to ATSU-KCOM after receiving enthusiastic recommendations to do so from ATSU-KCOM alumni who I worked with in a Colorado emergency room,” Hansen said. “I chose to attend here after meeting the students and staff on my interview day tour. They were so welcoming, friendly, and happy that it was obvious that this would be a school I could attend and be happy at as well.”

Hansen, who has a degree in biology with a minor in chemistry from the University of Northern Colorado, isn’t wasting any time. He is president of the Critical Care Club, commissioner of intramural softball, and a member of Sigma Sigma Phi, Emergency Medicine Club, Surgical Skills Club, American College of Osteopathic Surgeons-Medical Student Section, and a Mental Health Ambassador, Member of Surgical Skills Club. 

“I joined Critical Care Club because I wanted an opportunity to be exposed to more acute and critical care education while I was here at ATSU-KCOM, and have learned a lot through our intubation labs and lectures from pulmonologists,” Hansen said. 

“Intramural softball, along with the other intramurals I play here, are a major factor in my school-life balance and overall happiness. I have always played sports for my exercise and have never been big into working out on my own. Having the intramurals here with my classmates, faculty, and their spouses is such a fun way to meet and interact with people, while also keeping active.”

Additionally, Hansen is a student ambassador, meeting with and providing guidance to prospective ATSU-KCOM students.

“I became a student ambassador because I loved the idea of being able to share all of the things that I love about ATSU with prospective students, and it has been so cool to show them our phenomenal ultrasound department, among many other things,” he said.

Hansen, who has accepted an anatomy fellowship for the 2024-25 academic year, spends his spare time playing with his dogs, cooking, playing sports, and enjoying time outdoors with friends. 

Ultimately, he hopes to develop his skills and become a trauma surgeon after graduation.

“ATSU-KCOM is helping me with that by educating me in their world-class anatomy department and giving me the privilege of staying for a fellowship in anatomy, where I can work with the faculty and incoming students to solidify my knowledge,” Hansen said.


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