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ATSU-KCOM student preparing to become provider of holistic healthcare for her community

A.T. Still University-Kirksville College of Osteopathic Medicine (ATSU-KCOM) is preparing Klaire Heald, OMS II, to be a future provider of whole person healthcare in her community.

“I hope to be a resource for my future community and provide holistic healthcare,” Heald said. “ATSU-KCOM prepares you for that through the osteopathic medicine curriculum and by reinforcing how we can treat the patient as a whole rather than looking only for disease.”

Heald is from Drakesville, Iowa, and graduated from the University of Iowa with a bachelor’s of science in human physiology. Having the founding school of osteopathic medicine less than an hour from her hometown gave Heald a familiarity with the institution, and it ended up as a perfect fit.

“I knew it was an inviting community and it shows throughout campus,” she said. 

Heald has been a member and held leadership positions with the Lifestyle Medicine Club, Family Medicine Club, and Internal Medicine Club, in addition to serving as a student ambassador. 

“I became a student ambassador because I wanted to help prospective students feel welcomed here and offer advice from my experience in medical school. I enjoy this role because it reminds me what I love about ATSU and how grateful I am to be here,” she said.

In her free time, Heald enjoys cooking, having recently learned how to make sourdough. When on campus, she enjoys working with her fellow students.

“I enjoy how collaborative students are with each other – not only in our own class but from students in classes above and below,” Heald said. “It really helps create a supportive environment and reminds you that you are not alone.”


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