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ATSU hosts cross-campus, multiple-university interprofessional education competition

ATSU hosted its second annual Interprofessional Education Collaborative Case Competition (IPE-CCC) on Saturday, Nov. 2.

IPE-CCC provides health professions students with an interprofessional teamwork experience to gain insight into collaborative practice competencies – roles and responsibilities, values and ethics, interprofessional communication, and teamwork. Additionally, the competition reveals the complexity of healthcare delivery and the need for collaboration between healthcare professionals in order to reach the best health outcomes for clients/patients.

This year’s competition brought students together from four universities, representing 14 programs and 11 different professions. A total of 135 students in 27 teams from ATSU, Truman State University, Grand Canyon University, and Arizona School of Professional Psychology at Argosy University, worked collaboratively for six weeks to build an interprofessional team to care for a patient and their family.  At the end of the process, they presented their findings and recommendations for enhanced collaboration to a panel of judges representing leaders from various disciplines within the healthcare programs.

Barbara Maxwell, PT, DPT, MSc, university director of interprofessional education, ATSU, considers the second annual competition a monumental milestone for the University. “Teams clearly demonstrated their appreciation for interprofessional practice, and articulated their commitment to future collaboration for the benefit of those they serve.”

Interprofessional education is an important initiative interwoven throughout ATSU’s strategic plan. Learning about, from, and with each other, to provide and promote a team approach to patient care and improved patient health outcomes is an essential step in preparing collaboration-ready health professionals.

“The IPE Case Competition was fascinating to watch,” said Norman Gevitz, PhD, senior vice president, Academic Affairs, ATSU. “The participants’ thoughtfulness and the amount of time they devoted to the case was most impressive. ATSU is making substantial progress in our efforts to prepare graduates who will practice collaboratively to further the health of their patients.”

Prizes were awarded to the top three teams. Winning teams were chosen based on their integration of the 4 core competencies of interprofessional collaborative care.

Corporate and Commercial Photographer for Worldwide AssignmentsThe Dr. William McKinney Award for first place went to Mimi Bankiewicz, D1; Christine Burris, AuD, ’15; Bethany Galbraith, OT, ’16; and Josie Harding, AT, ’15.

Second place went to Pam Barnes-Palty, psychology student at Argosy University; Jennifer Garbarini, AuD, ’16; AJ Hortin, PT, ’15; Amanda Peterson, OT,’15; and Michelle Smith, nursing student at Grand Canyon University. Third place went to Jeremy Berger, OMS II; John Crum, psychology student at Argosy University; David Lifferth, D2; Caroline Lindsey, AuD, ’16; and Katherine Rolston, OT,’16.

Additionally, KCOM students Christine Beeson and Gabriel Eljdid, and Truman State University students Ashley Anderson, Cody Campbell, Victoria Caskey, Emma Hosman, Alaina Kramer, Rachel Krauss, Alicia Kimberlin, Nikki Jerowski, Jessica Ray, Stephanie Thomas, and Kendra Woolman, were awarded recognition for their respective team presentations.

In a most appropriate collaborative response, Bankiewicz, Burris, Galbraith, and Harding said, “This was a fantastic opportunity to work with students from other programs and make those connections for our professional career. This not only helps students get to know other members on campus that we wouldn’t have known before, but also starts to create the healthcare workers of the future, who can change the face of healthcare communication and collaboration.”

Said Dr. Maxwell, “The judges and audience members were impressed by the innovative ideas shared by the teams, the professionalism exhibited, the clear respect demonstrated for each other’s professional knowledge and skills, and their very clear focus on the patient and his family as key members of the interprofessional team.”

“Working with other professions opens your eyes to another world where your specialty isn’t the most important thing,” said Bankiewicz, Burris, Galbraith, and Harding. “It’s good for realizing that we need to be aware of our professional ego and when to put it aside for the benefit of our future patients.”

An IPE-CCC photo album is available on the ATSU Facebook page. To read more about ATSU’s IPE-CCC initiative, visit


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