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ATSU Doctor of Health Sciences student says program helps make important connections

A.T. Still University-College of Graduate Health Studies (ATSU-CGHS) Doctor of Health Sciences (DHSc) program student Courtenay Stewart-Reiner, EdD, MS, MA, BSPE, already has an impressive list of credentials to illustrate a life dedicated to advancing her knowledge. 

But Dr. Stewart-Reiner isn’t satisfied. As program director for a psychology and health sciences program, and having seen how health sciences interact with psychology, she felt pursuing the DHSc program at ATSU-CGHS was an important next step in her career.

ATSU-CGHS’ DHSc online program is designed for students looking for professional advancement, evidence-based knowledge, and practical research experience. Consisting of 70 credit hours of study, the DHSc curriculum is flexible, as well as rigorous, preparing students to critically analyze ongoing national and global challenges relating to healthcare access, cost, education, and quality. The coursework builds competencies required to skillfully evaluate, plan, and implement solutions to pressing healthcare concerns and culminates with an Applied Research Project designed to enhance the health of society.

For students looking to earn a terminal degree without a dissertation, the Doctor of Health Sciences online degree offers a comprehensive and supportive program led by diverse and experienced full-time and adjunct ATSU faculty. DHSc degree alumni agree that the program and its stellar faculty prepared them for leadership roles in healthcare and academia.

Dr. Stewart-Reiner was attracted to ATSU-CGHS by the University’s reputation, and online programs are her preferred way of learning. Strong organizational skills are a key to her success.

“I make sure that I plan out my week every Sunday night so that I am aware of what needs to be completed and then I also do the same thing every night in case events arise, so I am able to make sure I am able to get everything done,” she said.

Dr. Stewart-Reiner expects to complete her program in fall 2025, and she’s excited to continue working with ATSU-CGHS’ supportive and responsive faculty and staff while opening new doors in her career.

“The faculty and staff are great. Anytime I have had questions, they have responded almost immediately and are always there to help,” she said. “This program allows me the ability to teach and offer more classes in health sciences.”


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