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ATSU Doctor of Health Administration student finding new opportunities, career growth

A.T. Still University-College of Graduate Health Studies (ATSU-CGHS) Doctor of Health Administration program student Anthony Ferrer-Bethencourt, MPH, says he’s already seeing a return on his investment in his pursuit of an advanced health science degree, and is excited for his future opportunities. 

“The Doctor of Health Administration program has opened new opportunities to continue growing in my professional life by being able to seek new career opportunities and accept more responsibilities,” Ferrer-Bethencourt said. “The knowledge gained by completing this program is one of the many steps needed to achieve my future goals. 

“The next steps are to put this knowledge to work and develop a path of success based on the knowledge acquired from the program.”

Ferrer-Bethencourt, who plans to complete his program during the 2024-25 academic year, became interested in pursuing an online program because he believed it would help him reach his full learning potential. ATSU-CGHS’ curriculum, student feedback, academic and faculty support, and flexibility made it his top choice.

“I was able to balance work/life and academic learning by being disciplined, committed, and diligent with family responsibilities and education. Staying on top of my demanding schedule was difficult but doable,” he said. “The Doctor of Health Administration is rewarding but, at the same time, very structured, demanding, and worth it. Time management, discipline, and dedication are required to stay on top of the assignments.

“The academic advisor was always available to answer my questions and provide support through the courses. My professors were always very supportive in every course. Feedback was always great, and guidance was always provided to continue improving through the academic learning program.”


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