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ATSU-CHC student wants to fulfill program’s mission, serve medically underserved communities

A.T. Still University-College for Healthy Communities (ATSU-CHC) Central Coast Physician Assistant (CCPA) program student Maria Linda Burola, PA, ’25, knows her program is unique in its mission, and as a student ambassador has an opportunity to help students with a passion for serving the underserved navigate their path to the school’s Santa Maria, California, campus.

“I became a student ambassador because I believe in the importance of mentoring others. This program is unique and caters to students who have a true interest in working with underserved communities. I hope to help find those students who have a passion for working with the underserved and help them feel welcomed to apply to this program. I was fortunate to connect with an ambassador from the first class at CCPA and she helped me build the confidence to apply for the program,” Burola said.

Burola is from Cloverdale, California, and has a degree in Spanish and Chicano/a studies from University of California, Davis, and a master’s degree in nutrition from Case Western Reserve University. 

“I decided to join ATSU because of the CCPA program’s mission to meet the demand for more primary care physician assistants working in medically underserved communities,” she said. “I am hoping to become the ATSU CCPA mission: a culturally-humble, diverse, primary care physician assistant to work in medically underserved communities.”

In addition to serving as a student ambassador, Burola is a member of the Medical Spanish Club.

“I joined the Medical Spanish Club because there is a growing need for more Spanish-speaking healthcare professionals in our nation. As a fluent Spanish-speaker, I hope to help other students learn the language so they can communicate with their patients,” she said.

In her free time, Burola enjoys CrossFit, weight lifting, and cardio training. She’s joined a local gym, which she said gives her opportunities to connect with the local community. Those opportunities, derived from the student work/life balance the CCPA program provides, are among the many benefits of being an ATSU student.

“I love the student/life balance. We have some remote time built into the schedule that lets us go to a coffee shop to study, the beach, or even go wine tasting, since we are in wine country. We definitely spend a lot of time studying and in class, but it is nice to have some freedom here and there to explore this beautiful area,” she said.


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