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ATSU-CGHS provides feeling of community, Doctor of Health Sciences student says

Anthony Paul Chavarria, MPH, ‘21, didn’t need to look far when searching for a place he could complete advanced health science degrees online. While such programs connect students with institutions anywhere on the planet, Chavarria found what he was looking for in his own Arizona backyard at A.T. Still University-College of Graduate Health Studies (ATSU-CGHS).

“Living in Arizona, I was surrounded by many professionals who have become doctors and dentists through ATSU programs,” he said. “This inspired me to look into ATSU as a school of choice for my higher education.”

That first led Chavarria to ATSU-CGHS’ Master of Public Health program, which he completed in 2021. Still seeking to advance his knowledge and improve his credentials, he applied for and was admitted to the ATSU-CGHS Doctor of Health Sciences program

“ATSU-CGHS staff has always been supportive,” Chavarria said. “I was shown support through engagement with professors who want to see student success and growth. Professors have continued to show support and dedication to their students by always lending valuable knowledge and being available and understanding throughout academic endeavors. I have also had a lot of support from advisors who guide and aid in my successes throughout my ATSU programs.”

Chavarria said online programs allowed him the flexibility to find work/life balance. The Doctor of Health Sciences program is broken up into smaller chunks that are doable, not leaving him feeling overwhelmed, and leaving time for his work, travel, and time with family and friends. 

“I highly recommend ATSU to my friend group and to anyone who has shown interest in online programs and higher education,” he said. “ATSU has done a wonderful job at creating a great community of professors, students, and staff that all have a common goal of seeing everyone succeed.”

Both the Master of Public Health and Doctor of Health Sciences programs have given Chavarria tools to succeed in his professional life as a leader in safety, security, and wellness. 

“Understanding the various ways in which public health and health sciences aid in the betterment of people in the workplace has given me an advantage amongst my peers when it comes to leading projects and creating policy or procedural change,” he said. “Much like the way ATSU’s programs are currently helping me in my professional life, I believe they will continue supporting my future endeavors in health and wellness through education experiences and opportunities that have come from having a background that has given me a step up in various roles.”


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