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ATSU Board approves Ph.D. in osteopathic research

Kirksville-based university among top private universities nationwide in doctoral awards

KIRKSVILLE, Mo. (Dec. 20, 2006) – Not content with having six doctoral degree offerings, A.T. Still University’s Board of Trustees approved its seventh doctoral program.

ATSU President James J. McGovern, Ph.D., said the new Ph.D. will bring people literally from around the world to Kirksville, Mo. While the research will be done by D.O.s (osteopathic physicians) on patients at their home sites, some of the courses, the dissertation defenses, and graduations will be held in Kirksville.

ATSU does more osteopathic research than any other school in the United States. President McGovern stated that advancing osteopathic principles is part of ATSU’s mission. “So, it is only natural we take responsibility to train professional researchers to do osteopathic research,” he said.

Dr. McGovern also pointed out that many osteopathic physicians in Europe and the United States are eager to obtain Ph.D.s. Therefore, ATSU is gathering clinical research mentors from some of the finest universities in Europe and the U.S.

“We are talking to Ph.D. clinical researchers at the Universities of Heidelberg, Munich, Dresden, Brussels, and Lisbon in Europe and Harvard, Case Western, Penn, and others in this country,” he added. “Our ultimate goal is to improve patient care by training practitioners to understand clinical research and allowing them to scientifically analyze symptoms and review treatments. This scientific training will then continuously improve healthcare.”

ATSU is a major grantor of doctoral degrees in the United States. Last year, the university awarded 379 professional doctorates, not including its osteopathic medical degree awards. When compared to the National Science Foundation’s list of research doctorate awards by school, ATSU would rank #10 among all private universities nationwide.

“A major focus of A.T. Still University is to teach the health professional teachers in colleges and universities,” President McGovern said.

The seven doctoral degrees approved by the ATSU Board include Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine (D.O.), Doctor of Dental Medicine (D.M.D.), Doctor of Audiology (Au.D.), Doctor of Physical Therapy (D.P.T.), Doctor of Health Education (D.H.Ed.), Doctor of Health Sciences (D.H.Sc.), and Doctor of Philosophy in Osteopathic Clinical Research (Ph.D.).


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