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ATSU-ASHS presents awards to DPT, MSOT, OTD classes of 2021

A.T. Still University’s Arizona School of Health Sciences has announced the following awards for members of the class of 2021 in the Doctor of Physical Therapy (DPT), Master of Science in Occupational Therapy (MSOT), and Doctor of Occupational Therapy (OTD) programs.

DPT program

Outstanding Capstone Award: Brittany Heyer, DPT, ’21, and Katherine Skerry, DPT, ’21 (“Effect of haptic feedback with single and dual tasks on gait in people with Parkinson’s disease”)

Capstone Honorable Mention: Elena D’Angelo, DPT, ’21, Hayden Sutton, DPT, ’21, Danielle Hernandez, DPT, ’21, Ianelly Sanchez, DPT, ’21, Carly Roberts, DPT, ’21, and Russell Nettlow, DPT, ’21 (“Participation in adaptive sports programs: perceptions of the parent and child”)

Academic Achievement (Top 10%): Ashley Berry, DPT, ’21, Kady Gleason, DPT, ’21, Brittany Heyer, DPT, ’21, Kenzie Sears, DPT, ’21, Katherine Skerry, DPT, ’21, and Katherine Temnyk, DPT, ’21

Clinical Education Excellence Award: Khan Dao, DPT, ’21, Hunter Madich, DPT, ’21, and Russell Nettlow, DPT, ’21.

Professionalism in Physical Therapy: Zane Banschbach, DPT, ’21, and Hunter Madich, DPT, ’21

Perseverance Award: Heidi Masters, DPT, ’21

ATSU Mission Award: CJ Duncan, DPT, ’21

National Physical Therapy Honor Society: Zan Banschbach, DPT, ’21, CJ Duncan, DPT, ’21, and Katherine Skerry, DPT, ’21

Perry’s Passion for Service Ward: Elena D’Angelo, DPT, ’21

Mason Vigg Scholarship: CJ Duncan, DPT, ’21

2020 Outstanding PT Student Award from the Academy of Geriatrics: Hunter Madich, DPT, ’21

ProBono National Honor Society: Brett Bartell, DPT, ’21, Chase Deckert, DPT, ’21, Hunter Madich, DPT, ’21, Cj Duncan, DPT, ’21, Zane Banschbach, DPT, ’21, and Anna Maria Ortiz, DPT, ’21

Clinical Educator of the year: Kylie Collins, PT, DPT, and Amanda Martin, PT, DPT

Clinical Education Site of the Year: Montecito Post Acute Care and Rehabilitation

MSOT program

Leadership: Carol Gavilan, MSOT, ’21

Spirit of OT: Jessica Jones, MSOT, ’21, and Amy Schleicher, MSOT, ’21

Academic Achievement-GPA: Savannah Burrup, MSOT, ’21, and Haley Christiansen, MSOT, ’21

OTD program

Leadership: Kelly Cregar, OTD, ’21, and Linda Materu, OTD, ’21

Spirit of OT: Amber Wojcik, OTD, ’21, and Taylor Kouts, OTD, ’21

Academic Achievement-GPA: Amanda Vaccaro, OTD, ’21


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