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ATSU-ASHS Physician Assistant program provides positive community environment

Jennifer Ha, a Master of Science in Physician Assistant Studies student at A.T. Still University’s (ATSU) Arizona School of Health Sciences, graduated from UC Davis in 2022 with a major in human development and a minor in public health. Her educational journey led her to ATSU, which she describes as inclusive and diverse.

ATSU’s positive community environment and helpful faculty and staff have “done a fantastic job in teaching whole person medicine.”

“As I reflected back several months to when I started this program, I would say that ATSU was one of the best decisions I’ve made for my career toward becoming a compassionate and competent PA,” Ha says.

Ha moved from Sacramento, California, to Mesa, Arizona, and found interest in many of the activities the state has to offer.

“I have gained an interest in golf and hiking the many trails here,” she said.

Ha also enjoys weightlifting and volleyball outside of classes and enjoys the Arizona air. When on campus, she helps prospective and new students by answering questions about ATSU and gives tours around the campus as a student ambassador.

“As a Vietnamese minority, from a low-income background, I wanted to become a mentor to incoming students and prospective students in answering as many questions that I once had when I was in their position,” Ha said. “I enjoy being able to share how much I appreciate ATSU and its mission, give advice about PA school, and connect with other student ambassadors in other programs.”


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