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ATSU-ASDOH student sought rigorous clinical program to forge skills and become great dentist

A.T. Still University-Arizona School of Dentistry & Oral Health student Shaheryar Hasan, D3, wants to become a great dentist.

To help accomplish that, Hasan chose a great school.

“I chose ATSU-ASDOH primarily for its unparalleled clinical program, a rigorous experience that sets us apart from other dental graduates,” Hasan said. 

“Beyond the unmatched clinical skills, ATSU-ASDOH provides a nurturing and supportive family environment. The faculty goes above and beyond, actively guiding students to learn and succeed. Their focus on cultivating compassionate clinicians who genuinely care about their patients is evident throughout the curriculum. In essence, choosing ATSU-ASDOH as my dental school has proven to be a decision that I am exceptionally pleased with.”

Originally from Naperville, Illinois, Hasan has a bachelor’s degree in biology from Loyola University Chicago and a master’s in biology from Roosevelt University. Hasan has been actively involved in extracurricular activities at ATSU-ASDOH, serving as treasurer of the American Dental Education Association, editor-in-chief of American Student Dental Association’s “Lingual Groove,” president of the Middle Eastern Dental Club, and cabinet member of the class of 2025.

“I actively joined these organizations to enhance and fortify my experience at ATSU-ASDOH,” Hasan said. “Extracurricular involvement not only gives me a sense of fulfillment but also empowers me to contribute dynamically to campus life beyond the dental clinic. These experiences have propelled me into significant leadership roles and provided invaluable opportunities to apply my learnings beyond dental school. In dentistry, strength in leadership and teamwork is essential. I hold my extracurricular involvements in regard and appreciate the impactful opportunities I have been able to be a part of.”

Additionally, Hasan serves as a student ambassador, a role he cherishes for its unique opportunities to connect with prospective students and showcase ATSU-ASDOH.

“When faced with the pivotal decision of selecting a dental school, the ATSU-ASDOH ambassadors and student community significantly influenced my choice. As a current student ambassador, I am privileged to extend that influence by offering support and guidance to fellow students during this challenging decision-making period. Witnessing the joy of students we’ve met being accepted, and later seeing them at orientation, is incredibly rewarding. It’s a surreal experience, knowing I played a part in their dental journey. Beyond connecting with prospective students, being a student ambassador enables me to serve a crucial role as they navigate the transition into their first year of dental school,” Hasan said.

Outside of the classroom, Hasan thrives on the excitement of exploring new destinations and immersing himself in diverse cultures, including savoring the culinary delights of new restaurants. During the winter, Hasan enjoys skiing in Flagstaff, and is also something of a fashion aficionado. 

“I have a sharp eye for men’s fashion and clothing trends, with a particular interest in finding and collecting a variety of shoes,” Hasan said.

But inside the classroom and clinic is where Hasan truly thrives. He plans to enter cosmetic dentistry and own his own practice, connecting with patients and creating “beautiful, everlasting smiles.” As a first-generation student, Hasan also wants to give back to underserved communities.

“Childhood visits to my grandparents in Pakistan exposed me to the stark medical and dental disparities, inspiring my dream to build a business that supports international volunteer work and provides free dental care to those in need,” Hasan said.

ATSU-ASDOH is providing a path for Hasan to hone his skills.

“The school’s commitment to clinical education starts from day one, progressively enhancing our dental and medical knowledge alongside refining our hand skills each year. The most crucial part of this training occurs in our fourth-year rotations, where we gain invaluable experience in diverse public health centers across the U.S. These rotations not only sharpen our clinical abilities but also impart essential lessons in patient and time management, allowing us to make a meaningful impact on individuals from underserved backgrounds,” Hasan said. 

“These experiences explore medical disparities and the challenges faced by underserved populations, teaching us how to best serve them. I am confident that the valuable knowledge and hand skills I gain from ATSU-ASDOH will shape my entire career, empowering me to realize my dream of making a meaningful impact through dentistry.”

And at ATSU-ASDOH, Hasan has the community and support necessary to push through on this journey, accepting and passing challenges as they come.

“I absolutely thrive as a student at ATSU, and what sets it apart for me is the incredible support we receive from both faculty and fellow students. Right from the beginning, it’s evident that we’re more than just numbers here. It’s a genuine family atmosphere. As a D3, walking through the halls and being recognized by name, personally known by each faculty member, is incredibly affirming. ATSU goes beyond honing our hand skills and dental knowledge; it actively encourages the development of lasting relationships with faculty and peers,” Hasan said.

“What truly distinguishes ATSU-ASDOH is the remarkable support system and emphasis on maintaining a healthy work-life balance. This sets it apart from other dental schools, allowing students to concentrate on becoming the best versions of themselves without unnecessary pressure or cutthroat competition. ATSU creates an environment where individual strengths shine, fostering not only competitive clinicians but also compassionate providers who approach patient care with genuine love and care. It’s a place that truly allows students to excel in their unique ways.”


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