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Athletic Training Class of 2016 Profiles

Kelly Boyce
Hometown: Poplar Grove, IL
Graduate Assistantship: Mesa Community College
Future plans: Living in Scottsdale, AZ post-graduation and working as Minor League Athletic Trainer for the Arizona Diamondbacks.
Favorite Memory: Performing neuromuscular screens for Special Olympics and Day for Special Smiles. I loved meeting people from other programs and working with unique populations who bring so much joy to the world.

Gary Cohen
Hometown: Hamilton, NY
Graduate Assistantship: Canyon State Academy
Future plans: Working as an athletic trainer at the college or secondary school setting
What you will miss most: I will miss seeing all of my classmates daily, and being able to interact with the unbelievably knowledgeable faculty regularly.

McCall Christopher
Hometown: Lee’s Summit, MO
Graduate Assistantship: Datalys Youth Sports Project
Future plans: Doctor of Athletic Training degree at Indiana State University
What will you miss most: I will miss the entire faculty and their willingness to provide guidance in both scholarship and life. I will miss the constant contributions of knowledge from classmates.

Casey Erickson
Hometown: Tucson, AZ
Graduate Assistantship: Sierra Linda High School
Future Plans: Clinical Outreach Manager at Barrow Neurologic Institute
Favorite Memory: Bart being the soleus and wearing the paper crown during class!

Mitchelle Gallegos
Hometown: San Antonio, TX
Graduate Assistantship: Tempe Preparatory Academy
Future plans: To get a job working in the college setting
What I will miss most: My classmates (cheesy I know). Even though I wasn’t close with everyone, I think that we all got along pretty well. It’s sad to think that I won’t be able to call anyone up anymore to see if they want to catch a ball game, go on a hike, or just hang out by the pool.

Amy Gibson
Hometown: Seymour, IN
Graduate Assistantship: South Mountain Community College
Future plans: Work a dual role as athletic trainer and clinical educator in collegiate athletics and earn my Doctor of Athletic Training degree.
What you will miss most: I’ll miss classes and question of the day with Bart, working and talking with Dr. Bliven, learning new rehabilitation exercises and manual therapy techniques from Danelle at South Mountain, and the “ah-ha” moments I had when old and new concepts finally connected.

Katie Harrington
Hometown: San Jose, CA
Graduate Assistantship: Arizona State University – Track
Future plans: Continue working with collegiate or professional athletics. Possibly some teaching in the future!
What you will miss most: I am going to miss the comfortable yet challenging learning environment as well as working with gifted classmates, professors, and student athletes on a daily basis.

Christine Nelson
Hometown: Dakota, IL
Graduate Assistantship: Gilbert High School
Future plans: Either obtain a terminal degree and teach or work as a clinical athletic trainer.
Favorite Memory: My favorite memories are from class with Bart. Some include question of the day, making fun of Gary, getting to know my classmates on both professional and personal levels, and working with Dr. Welch for work-study.

Dayna Tierney
Hometown: Peoria, AZ
Graduate Assistantship: Phoenix Christian Preparatory
Future plans: Head Athletic Trainer at Phoenix Christian Preparatory
What you will miss most: Getting to see my classmates every day and having time set out each week to come to class to focus on learning.

Micaela Sanchez
Hometown: Chicago, IL
Graduate Assistantship: Brophy College Preparatory
Future plans: Work at a college and serve as a preceptor
What you will miss most: Question of the day with Bart

Alyssa Wagner
Hometown: Tucson, AZ
Graduate Assistantship: Xavier College Preparatory
Future plans: Athletic Trainer at Rebound Physical Therapy and possibly earn my doctorate in a few years
What you will miss most: I will miss Bart’s Pearls


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