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Articulation agreement signed between ATSU-CGHS and Langston University

A.T. Still University’s College of Graduate Health Studies (ATSU-CGHS) and Langston University signed an Articulation Agreement further developing the relationship between the two universities. Through this agreement, full-time employees and current students of Langston University who apply, and are accepted into a master’s or doctorate program at ATSU-CGHS, will be awarded a 20 percent discount off tuition costs.

Applicants who meet the admission requirements of the ATSU-CGHS graduate program will be granted admission to the Master of Public Health, Master of Health Administration, Master of Science in Kinesiology, Doctor of Health Administration, Doctor of Health Sciences, or the Doctor of Education programs. Under this agreement, applicants are not required to complete the GMAT, GRE, or other graduate examinations. Once enrolled, accepted, and registered for course each Langston University student, full-time employee will be governed by the administrative procedures and policies of ATSU-CGHS.

“This agreement further binds the solidarity between the two schools to create greater access and opportunity,” said Associate Vice President for Diversity & Inclusion Clinton Normore, MBA.


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