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Amazing students, amazing alumni

In this issue of Still Magazine, we celebrate our students and their amazing talents and skills. ATSU students are undeniably brilliant, capable people with unique backgrounds and abilities. In addition to progressing through rigorous academic programs, these multifaceted individuals are making time outside of their studies to engage in a wide range of interests and activities.

In this issue, you will also find artistic highlights of our amazing alumni and two board members, G. Scott Drew, DO, FAOCD, ’87, and C. Lisette Dottavio, PhD, CPA.

With the challenges and obstacles of the past two years, we have seen the importance of taking time to enjoy pursuits outside of our professional careers, particularly those of an artistic nature. Whether it’s painting, dancing, playing an instrument, or cooking a family meal, the arts in any form allow us to find joy and meaning in our lives.

I would like to thank the University’s many donors and friends, including the President’s Circle members listed on the following page, who help ATSU continue to educate its students and support its programs. Your generosity and enthusiasm have positioned the University to successfully address challenges and fulfill its mission, even in difficult and uncertain circumstances.

Yours in service,

Craig M. Phelps, DO, ’84, president


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