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A.T. Still Research Institute welcomes new associate director

The A.T. Still Research Institute is pleased to welcome J. Michael Menke, DC, PhD, MA, as its new associate director, based on the Arizona campus. Dr. Menke, originally from Gettysburg, Ohio, earned his master’s in applied behavioral science from Wright State University and his doctor of chiropractic degree from Palmer College West. He then earned his MA and PhD in psychology, program evaluation and research methodology, and pharmacoeconomics from University of Arizona. From 1987-99, Dr. Menke practiced chiropractic for musculoskeletal pain and headaches in collaboration with medical primary care, orthopedist, and neurosurgery colleagues in Los Altos and Palo Alto, California. He was published in the Johns Hopkins University Integrative Medicine newsletter and is the chiropractic expert at the Arizona Center for Integrative Medicine founded by Andrew Weil, MD, for online education of allopathic physicians worldwide. Dr. Menke was the only chiropractor on the Stanford University Spinal Research team. He designed medical education rounds for chiropractic students in spinal anesthesia, intradiscal electrothermal therapy, and occupational injury clinics. Dr. Menke served in Malaysia as professor in chiropractic, and in 2013, became head of the psychology division at International Medical University. While there, he published on comparative effectiveness of low back pain treatment and advised and led various student and faculty research including stem cells, oral cancer biomarkers, and cost-effectiveness of colorectal cancer screening. His research interests include Bayesian methods, cost-benefit of integrated care, network comparative effectiveness meta-analysis, personalized medicine, health outcome measurement and validation, health economics, and cost-effective disease screening and treatment.


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