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3D print shop news – Spring 2018

Replica of plaster cast of Dr. Still’s hand, owned by the Museum of Osteopathic Medicine Photo credit: Kelly Rogers, ATSU

Due to the ever-increasing demands for 3D printing, the Missouri Branch Library worked with President Phelps to purchase a new Stratasys F170 3D printer in November 2017, with help from the presidents’ innovation funds and the University library endowment. This new printer can print larger 10-inch single-colored models and has been running nonstop since it arrived. This new resource in combination with the two already-owned MOJO printers in Missouri and Arizona has helped us to expand the amount of printing we can produce in response to student, faculty, and staff requests.

Along with printing requests from students, we are currently working with several departments such as the Still Research Institute and Missouri SparkTank winners on larger print requests. Since January 2018, the library has printed over 760 models for education, research, and institutional interests.

Some examples of recent prints include the images above and below.

3D printed cervical vertabrae

Printed cervical vertebrae, encased in ballistics gel, SparkTank funded educational research project
Photo credit: Kelly Rogers, ATSU

Printing is free to students and faculty as long as the print is for educational use and falls within the 3D printing policy. If you are interested in 3D printing, there are many free programs and files available. Our printers require either STL or GrabCad files.
See the Library’s 3-D Print Guide for more information, and for sources of free files.

by Debra Loguda-Summers, Missouri public services & 3D print shop manager


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