Philosophy Statement on Diversity

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MOSDOH Philosophy Statement on Diversity

The faculty, staff, and administration of MOSDOH believe that diversity is an integral component of the academic experience and that we have an ethical responsibility to prepare our faculty, staff, and graduates to live and work in a culturally diverse society. We recognize the unique contribution of every student, faculty or staff member and are committed to creating a congenial and collegial environment that values and fosters diversity.

MOSDOH’s mission on diversity is to foster an atmosphere of awareness and acceptance that embraces diverse backgrounds, philosophies, and lifestyles including under-represented groups. MOSDOH will create and support a campus community that educates health care professionals who value and appreciate the importance of and have a unique perspective and outlook on diversity. We will seek to improve the quality of life of our faculty, staff, and students by developing and implementing policies and programs that support the MOSDOH philosophy on diversity. We hope to help our students learn about the different cultures in society, understand that diversity, and actively seek to work with clients and patients from varied cultures and backgrounds. We believe that this diversity-rich experience at MOSDOH will add value to our campus community.

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