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The Legacy Project

Purpose of the Project

The Museum of Osteopathic Medicine and the A.T. Still Research Institute seek support for The Legacy Project to systematically capture in a timely manner using modern technologies a historical record of the meaningful contributions of osteopathic physicians and researchers whose careers significantly impacted the osteopathic profession through their leadership, clinical skill, teaching, mentorship, and research.

Video Permission Form

Dr. Doren Farnum (KCOS ’36)

Dr. Viola Frymann (COPS ’49)


Donors will have their names listed in the credits of the video’s that are produced by
The Legacy Project.

Please help preserve a life time of knowledge and skill in osteopathic medicine. Your donated funds go toward the cost of videotaping, transportation and lodging if the interviews. Administrative and all other costs are covered by the Museum and the A.T. Still Research Institute. Please make your tax-deductible gift today.

Background and Significance

Over the past decade, a partnership between the Museum of Osteopathic Medicine and A.T. Still Research Institute has evolved into an extremely productive relationship, assuring that the most meaningful information, stories, documents, and articles from influential members of the osteopathic community are not only collected but appropriately sustained, organized and disseminated to enrich future osteopathic practitioners world-wide and to minimize the potential loss of unique osteopathic insights that would otherwise be lost by the passing of time and experts. This partnership has resulted in preservations of the legacy of I.M. Korr, William Johnston, Harold Magoun Jr., and most recently with the Cranial Academy Foundation support, Viola Frymann. Significant documents and information gathered from these osteopathic physicians/researchers are available and accessible for use of osteopathic researchers and educators now and in the future.

The process of capturing the stories of these influential people in osteopathic profession often occurs either after death or within their failing years. As a result, the long term outcomes underrepresent the true characteristics of these individuals. The Legacy Project will work to identify honorees, in other words, influential members of the osteopathic community, and capture in a timely manner their history and stories through various technologies including high resolution video-recording.

Dr. William Johnston (CCOM ’43)

I.M. Korr, Ph.D.

Dr. Harold Magoun, Jr.
(KCOS ’50)

We have lost the record of too many great osteopathic physicians/researchers life’s work. Help us preserve our rich legacy!

The Legacy Project has be funded by the Cranial Academy Foundation and the Advocates for the American Osteopathic Association (AAOA Special Projects Fund)