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Missouri Digital Heritage website is hosting three collections: Dr. Andrew Taylor Still’s Papers, the American School of Osteopathy Record Books and the Charles E. Still Collection. Made available through a State of Missouri LSTA grant. Check it out here!

Dr. Andrew Taylor Still (center) and students on the front porch of his home
Donor: KCOM [1980.423.10]

Dr. Andrew Taylor Still

Dr. Andrew Taylor Still; Donor: American Osteopathic Association [1985.1041.07]

Dr. Andrew Taylor Still in 1874 rebelled against standard 19th century medicine and launched his own health care system, later named osteopathy. Rather than just tweak old therapies, Still offered a new philosophy. He met heavy resistance, and the papers reveal Still’s frank opinions of those who refused to see the truth of his ideas. His rivals fought, and failed, to make osteopathy illegal. Still founded the American School of Osteopathy (ASO) in Kirksville in 1892.

Still’s father – a preacher, doctor, and abolitionist – shaped his ideas about religion, medicine, and politics. Following his parents to Kansas in 1853, Still became a physician and farmer. He took up the antislavery cause and served with the Union during the Civil War. While the death of four children in 1864 caused him to give up medicine for a time, he eventually returned to his practice. When his work was rejected by family and friends, he returned to Missouri, settling in Kirksville for the rest of his life.

The Collections:

Andrew Taylor Still Papers

Andrew Taylor Still Papers [1980.423.10] , [2009.10.168A]

The Andrew Taylor Still Papers comprise about six linear feet (1864-1937; bulk 1891-1917). The bulk consists of Still’s essays, letters, book drafts, and other writings. Also present are letters to Still, military records, other personal documents, and letters and other items relating to Still’s death in 1917. Formats include handwritten, typed and printed material.

The American School of Osteopathy (ASO) comprises about two linear feet (1892-1924; bulk 1894-1900). The collection consists of the school’s Articles of Incorporation, including by-laws and officers’ job descriptions; the Board of Trustees’records, handwritten by H.E. Patterson, D.O., secretary and ASO graduate; the Records of proceedings of the faculty, containing the Board of Trustees’ by-laws; rules, regulations, and records of faculty meetings; and records of meetings and extensive lists of individuals recommended by faculty to receive ASO diplomas. Formats include handwritten, typed and printed materials.

The Charles E. Still Sr. and Jr. Collection comprise about 4 linear feet (1882-1992: bulk 1900-1940) This section of the collection covers only the reminiscences typed and handwritten to Dr. Charles Still, Sr. regarding his father Andrew Taylor Still.


American School of Osteopathy Board Minutes, [1987.1226.01, pg 2 & 18]


Andrew Taylor Still Papers/American School of Osteopathy is a Library Services and Technology Act Digital Imaging Grant funded by the Institute of Museum and Library Services and coordinated by the Missouri State Library.

Grant No. 2009-LSD9-DIGC9CN9-5836
Grant No. 2010-LSD0-DIGC0CN0-6106

A.T. Still Museum collage

The collections of the Museum of Osteopathic Medicine include more than 100,000 objects, photographs, documents, and books dating from the early 1800s to the present (focused mainly on 1870–1940). The core of the collection consists of artifacts from A. T. Still's professional and private life, most of them donated by Dr. Still's daughter, Blanche Laughlin, and members of her family.

Since the founding of the Museum in 1934, other family members, DOs, and Museum supporters have donated many additional artifacts that reflect the ongoing history of the osteopathic profession. The research collections of the International Center for Osteopathic History (ICOH) also include many former holdings of the A.T. Still Memorial Library, for which the Museum assumed responsibility in 1997.