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ICOH has a large variety of historic books, osteopathic journals, photographs, documents, and other materials available for research use.

PLEASE NOTE: Since only a small portion of our collection is currently available online, our research fee includes staff time spent locating information and providing personal assistance.

Historical Research Membership Fee

$250 One-Year Membership* (Non-tax deductible):
Researchers: If you’re unsure which fee option best suits your needs (hourly or yearly) please contact the Museum at or call toll-free 866.626.2878, ext. 2359

In addition to providing access to our online resources  and  information already provided on the Museum’s web page, membership includes:

  • 48 hours of research assistance from the International Center for Osteopathic History (ICOH)
  • A one-year membership to the Museum of Osteopathic Medicine
  • A subscription to the Museum’s bi-annual newsletter

Payment Methods

Payment can be made by credit card, check (cashable in US) or PayPal. Please contact the ICOH at for PayPal assistance or call the museum at 660.626.2359 if paying by credit card.

*Does not include charges for copies, scanning and usage. These additional charges will be billed to you per request and must be paid in advance.

Hourly Research Fee

Staff research fee: $15 per hour (minimum of one hour charge)

Requests for staff research at the ICOH requires payment of a $15 research fee* for one hour of research time in advance. *Additional charges for research time will be billed to the patron at the end of service along with any copy, scanning or usage fees that were incurred. Most research request requires a minimum of 2 to 2 ½ hours of staff time. See reproduction fees on this site. See payment methods above.

You may submit requests by emailing the Museum at, by regular U.S. mail or by calling us at 660.626.2359. We will respond either by email or U.S. mail in the order that requests are received.

Reproduction copy & research fees
Photocopy request form
Scanned document request form

Permission to examine materials does not include permission to publish them. Rights to publish must be requested in writing. Similarly, permission to use Museum collections, including publication, should not be construed as endorsement of the user’s point of view or manner of presentation.

The ICOH specializes in osteopathic historical research up to 1979. Items after this date may be requested through the A.T. Still Memorial Library or your local library. The ICOH staff is happy to request articles for researchers via Interlibrary loan from outside resources. However, while there is no charge for the ordering/processing of such requests, researchers must reimburse the ICOH for any additional third-party charges. (Currently these charges average from $16-50 per article.)

A.T. Still Museum collage

The collections of the Museum of Osteopathic Medicine include more than 80,000 objects, photographs, documents, and books dating from the early 1800s to the present (focused mainly on 1870–1940). The core of the collection consists of artifacts from A. T. Still's professional and private life, most of them donated by Dr. Still's daughter, Blanche Laughlin, and members of her family.

Since the founding of the Museum in 1934, other family members, DOs, and Museum supporters have donated many additional artifacts that reflect the ongoing history of the osteopathic profession. The research collections of the International Center for Osteopathic History (ICOH) also include many former holdings of the A.T. Still Memorial Library, for which the Museum assumed responsibility in 1997.