ATSU School of Osteopathic Medicine AZ

Clinical Presentation Curricular Model

The ultimate goal of the SOMA educational program is to provide opportunities for medical students to acquire a solid foundation in the knowledge, skills, values, attitudes, and behaviors that are necessary for the effective practice of medicine. In order to achieve this goal, SOMA has adopted a clinical presentation or scheme presentation model that serves as the foundation of its curriculum. This model is based on the various ways patients present to physicians.

Collectively, the clinical presentations represent common patient complaints (e.g., headache, abdominal pain), abnormalities of physical examination (e.g., systolic heart murmur), or abnormalities of commonly ordered laboratory studies, (e.g., anemia, hypocalcemia). Altogether, there are approximately 120 +/- 5 presentations that comprise the SOMA curriculum. The presentations serve as a starting point for the generation of relevant curricular content.