Caroline VanSickle, PhD

Assistant Professor

Work: 660.626.2468
Fax: 660.626.2346

Research Interests: Dr. VanSickle studies skeletal variation in modern humans and their ancestors using 3D virtual techniques. Her research focuses on examining sexually dimorphic features of the bony pelvis, with the goal of understanding when these features evolved, how these features relate to obstetrics, and how variable these features are in humans today. Her previous research includes describing the pelvis of the newly discovered species, Homo naledi, and examining pelvic sexual dimorphism in Neandertals. As an anthropologist, Dr. VanSickle approaches science as a human endeavor, and therefore seeks to foster a scientific program that is both inclusive and rigorous.


Postdoctoral Fellow - Feminist Biology, University of Wisconsin–Madison
PhD - Anthropology, University of Michigan
MA - Anthropology, University of Michigan
BS - Anthropology, Kansas State University