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Alumnus of the Year

George H. Scheurer, D.O., ‘54George H. Scheurer, D.O., ‘54
2004 Alumnus of the Year

A Well-Rounded Physician
George Scheurer was an educator and clinician; he also helped design much of today’s campus.

When George H. Scheurer, D.O., ’54, decided as a teen that he wanted to be a D.O. so he could become a “well-rounded physician,” he got much more than he bargained for.

Not only was he able to eventually give manipulative treatments and prescribe medications for his patients, he was also able to teach medical students and help supervise nearly all of the new facility construction on the KCOM campus during the past 30 years.

When he retired from full-time practice in 1994, Dr. Scheurer had the rare distinction of holding emeritus status in two separate categories: he is an emeritus associate professor of internal medicine and an emeritus assistant to the president for facilities.

Dr. Scheurer, who joined the faculty in 1956 as an instructor in biochemistry and in the department of osteopathic medicine, later became the medical director of the Still-Hildreth Osteopathic Hospital in Macon, and chair of the KCOM Curriculum Committee for 10 years. He also was the director of KCOM’s EEG labs, the vice president for facilities, and for nearly 10 years he was the assistant to the president for facilities.

A recipient of the Living Tribute Award (1993) and the Distinguished Service Award (1992) from the Kirksville Osteopathic Alumni Association (KOAA) Board of Directors, he has been named the Alumnus of the Year for 2004.

He was selected for his outstanding service to the osteopathic profession, his alma mater, and to the KOAA. He was honored and the Alumnus of the Year Award presented to him at the Annual KOAA Luncheon & Assembly Meeting on November 8 in San Francisco.

Illnesses to his father and sister while he was growing up in Williamsport, Pa., led him to the osteopathic profession. George recalled that his father was treated by an M.D. when George was about 14, and that his father later recovered. “I thought it would be great,” he said, “to be able to help people like that doctor did.”

An M.D. also treated his sister, who was once gravely ill with pneumonia. As a last resort, his mother contacted one of the four D.O.s in town. The D.O., a woman who specialized in manipulative treatments, agreed to give Dr. Scheurer’s sister a treatment. Soon after his sister improved, George decided to be a D.O. because he could give treatments and prescribe medications, and he couldn't’ do that as an M.D. or as a chiropractor. “I wanted to be,” he said, “a well-rounded physician.”

Before completing his undergraduate education at Penn State University, Dr. Scheurer was a pharmacist’s mate in the U.S. Navy for nearly two years during World War II.

He and his late wife, Marretta, were married in 1953. A former interim director of nurses at Still-Hildreth Hospital and an officer of the Auxiliary of the Missouri Association of Osteopathic Physicians & Surgeons, she and George had a son, Roy, and a daughter, Chris.

Dr. Scheurer’s first facilities project was to build a boiler house in the late 1960s. He later helped build the South Wing of the Northeast Regional Medical Center, the Gutensohn Osteopathic Health & Wellness Clinic, the KCOM Thompson Campus Center, and the Tinning Education Center.

Dr. Scheurer is proud that he became as proficient at reading a blueprint as he was at reading an X-ray. “When I was looking at blueprints I was also asking myself, ‘is this facility state-of-the-art? Can we afford it, and how is it going to improve the education of students or assist patient care? I never lost sight of my medical training.’”

He is also proud that the school looks more like a campus than it ever has, and that so many people have benefited from his manipulative treatments. “The more treatments I give, “he said, “the more I realize how much good they do, and the more techniques I learn, the better it is for my patients.

“I have never regretted my decision to become a D.O. I feel that I have helped a lot of people.”

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Purpose of Award

The Kirksville Osteopathic Alumni Association (KOAA) Board of Directors established the Alumnus of the Year Award in 1982 to recognize and honor Kirksville College of Osteopathic Medicine (KCOM) graduates who have made outstanding contributions to KCOM and the osteopathic profession.

The award provides the opportunity for fellow alumni, colleagues, patients, students, and friends of the recipient to honor the Alumnus of the Year and support KCOM's education program.

All gifts received in honor of Dr. Scheurer are restricted for the KOAA/KCOM Education Program Fund.

You Can Make A Difference

To further its educational goals and remain a leader in osteopathic medical education, KCOM looks to its loyal graduates and friends for support. Your gift in Dr. Scheurer's honor will recognize his lifetime achievements and provide KCOM students with the opportunity to enhance their medical education.

Please use the online giving form to make your contribution. Dr. Scheurer will be notified of those who give in his honor.

KOAA/KCOM Education Program Fund

This fund provides needed support for the improvement of osteopathic medical education in all KCOM departments. As the founding college of osteopathic medicine, KCOM's mission is to prepare osteopathic physicians who are eminently qualified for the challenges of the 21st century. The goal of the fund is to assist in accomplishing this mission.

Interest income is used to enhance and/or acquire a variety of needed educational resources such as equipment, textbooks and resource books, professional periodicals, innovative educational programs, etc.

Selection of Programs

The number of educational programs funded each year is determined by the identified needs of the College. Annually, the KOAA awards committee receives project nominations of highest priority from the KCOM dean. The awards committee then reviews all nominated proposals and recommends to the ATSU president the project(s) to be funded.

For additional information, please send an email to Alumni Affairs ( or call 866.626.2878, ext. 2307 (toll free).