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We asked our students why they like KCOM.  Here is what they have to say about . . .

Significant Others and Families

"My wife is involved in the SAA, which is an organization designed for the significant others of students. They provide many opportunites for them to meet new people and participate in various school related activities. Kirksville as a community is very welcoming to both students and their families." - Doug Richley

"KCOM is definitely family-friendly. Many of the benefits to the students are also open to their families, such as a free gym membership, invitations to picnics, and OTM clinics. KCOM understands how important it is to keep your family first!" - Amy Hina

"There are multiple opportunities for different jobs, and there are also all sorts of activities for significant others. My wife now loves Kirksville more than home!" - Fred Korpi

"Kirksville and ATSU are very accommodating to both families and significant others." - Joe Heller


"I think the greatest strength of KCOM is their ability to integrate everyone into one family." - Ravi Talati

"Whether it's playing bunko, teaching a spin class, or just letting the kids play at the park, my family is continually supported by others and surrounded by close friends." - Tyler Smith

Families will love the quiet atmosphere in Kirksville, ideal for raising a family. There is also a great spousal support network where the spouses of students can get together to share experiences that are unique to those who are married to a medical student. - Nathan A Miller

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