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Preparing for D.O. Program Admission

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Be A Still Scholar!

At ATSU, we believe in applicants who demonstrate a commitment to the "whole-person" experience, which is congruent to the osteopathic philosophy. To be eligible for the Still Scholars program, students may have any academic major, provided the ATSU-KCOM admissions pre-requisite requirements are met by the time of application.

There is a formal application process, interviews, professional development activities, and pre-requisite course requirements to be part of this program. Students who are accepted will find that the experience required by the program complements the undergraduate experience, and makes them as competitive as other students entering medical school under the traditional application process.

When Can I Apply?

Students may apply to be a Still Scholar after completing a minimum of two years of undergraduate education, but have no less than two years of full-time coursework left in their curricular requirements prior to graduation. Students must have been a full-time student for a minimum of two years of their undergraduate college experience, and courses that meet the academic pre-requisites must have been taken in a traditional residential setting or as approved AP credit (not on-line). Applications should be received by ATSU Admissions by June 1.

How Do I Apply?

Because gaining early acceptance to medical school is a rare privilege, the application/acceptance process is divided into two phases:

Phase One: Initial Application Criteria

Phase Two: Gaining Full Acceptance