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The most advanced, evidenced-based strategies available provide students with the knowledge that enhances care, optimizes outcomes and improves overall health. Students develop an integrated understanding of clinical experience, patient values and best available evidence for superior decision making. Students also learn to employ clinician-based and patient-based clinical outcome measures to clearly determine the effectiveness of athletic training services. Learning experiences enhance the student’s professional growth as athletic training clinicians, educators, researchers, and administrators. Educators are prepared with the advanced graduate training they’ll need to effectively teach their own students to succeed as athletic trainers.
Online Degree Programs
Doctor of Athletic Training Degree
Among the first programs of its kind, this elite degree develops clinical and academic leaders who advance the athletic training profession. Doctors of athletic training serve as expert clinicians, educators, and...
administrators with advanced knowledge and skills for analyzing, developing, and implementing practical solutions to improve the delivery of athletic healthcare and the health outcomes of physically active individuals and their communities. See accreditation. CLOSE
Master of Athletic Training Degree
ATSU’s online master’s athletic training program is a post-professional athletic training degree. Students learn the most advanced, evidenced-based strategies available
for providing enhanced care, optimized outcomes, and improved overall health. The online two-year degree program is designed for state licensed and/or athletic trainers certified by the Board of Certification (BOC) or individuals who have met eligibility requirements to sit for the BOC certification examination prior to matriculation. See accreditation. CLOSE
Certificate Programs
Graduate Certificate in Sports Neurology and Concussion
The Graduate Certificate in Sports Neurology and Concussion is an online program focused on the sub-specialty area of sports neurology and concussion. Students will learn how to recognize, assess, manage, treat, and refer patients with sport-related neurological conditions and injuries, as well as analyze and debate current concepts and issues.
This certificate will give athletic trainers the advanced knowledge and skills needed to handle sports neurology and concussion. CLOSE
Graduate Certificate in Orthopaedics
The Graduate Certificate in Orthopaedics is an online program focused on the sub-specialty of orthopaedics. Students will learn how to diagnose, evaluate, and manage orthopaedic conditions, as well as interpret common imaging and laboratory techniques.
The program also provides advanced practice knowledge of special considerations for rehabilitation following common orthopaedic surgical procedures. CLOSE
Graduate Certificate in Leadership and Education
The Graduate Certificate in Leadership and Education is an online program focused on leadership and contemporary education in athletic training. Students will learn how to implement quality improvement initiations, use healthcare informatics and technology, employ clinical outcome measures to determine effectiveness, and practice athletic training in an advanced and contemporary manner.
The program also provides advanced instruction in leadership, health policy, and other issues in athletic training education. CLOSE
Graduate Certificate in Rehabilitation
The Graduate Certificate in Rehabilitation is an online program focused on the sub-specialty of rehabilitation. Students will learn how to asses, diagnose, and rehabilitate movement dysfunction, manage musculoskeletal injuries, and transition from rehabilitation to sport performance.
The program will provide athletic trainers with advanced skills that will enhance patient care quality and effectiveness. CLOSE
Graduate Certificate in Clinical Decision Making in Athletic Training
The Graduate Certificate in Clinical Decision-Making in Athletic Training is an online program providing advanced instruction in evidence-based practice, clinical outcomes assessments, clinical informatics, technology, and epidemiology.
The purpose of the program is to prepare practicing athletic trainers and athletic training educators with the clinical practice and educational competencies in clinical decision-making skills that will enhance the quality and effectiveness of patient care. CLOSE
Other Programs
Athletic Training Practice Based Research Network
Headquartered at A.T. Still University in Mesa, AZ, the Athletic Training Practice-Based Research Network (AT-PBRN) is an affiliate network of the Agency for Health Care Research and Quality (AHRQ) and is...
the first and only practice-based research network in athletic training. The mission of the AT-PBRN is to improve the quality of care and patient outcomes for patients under the care of athletic trainers. Personnel consist of 8 athletic training researchers, a bio-statistician, a post-doctoral research fellow, and a research coordinator. In addition, the AT-PBRN houses an external advisory board, which consists of a panel of fellow athletic trainers from across the country. CLOSE
ATSU Concussion Program
A.T. Still University's Concussion Program serves as a resource for sport-related concussion education, research, and service for young athletes, parents, coaches, and administrators. Outreach services...
provided to athletes in Arizona include education, baseline (pre-season) testing and post-injury concussion evaluation. The program also provides training and education about concussions to athletes, coaches, parents, athletic trainers, athletic training students and other healthcare providers. Additionally, ATSU's Concussion Program is engaged in numerous research projects focusing on concussion awareness, assessment tools and interventions to enhance recovery. CLOSE
CORE-AT Electronic Medical Record (EMR)
Students in A.T. Still University’s athletic training programs utilize the industry-leading CORE-AT electronic medical record (EMR) system, a web-based injury surveillance and EMR system for use by...
athletic trainers. The CORE-AT EMR was designed and developed by athletic trainers in partnership with ESSENTIALTALK, an international technology communication company, and is compliant with the data acquisition, storage, and transmission standards set forth by the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA). Health information obtained using the CORE-AT system is not stored locally on computers. Instead, data is uploaded in real time and transmitted to secure, redundant servers. CLOSE
Athletic Training Continuing Education
A.T. Still University is recognized by the Board of Certification, Inc. to offer continuing education for certified athletic trainers. The Athletic Training Practiced Based Research Network (AT-PBRN) is an ongoing...
source for clinical outcomes and evidence-base practice (EBP) education to educate and train post professional athletic training students. Free evidence-base practice category CEUs include:
  • Incorporating EBP into Athletic Training: Overview of Practice-Based Partnerships (.75 - EBP CEU)
  • Health Information Technology in Athletic Training (1.25 EBP CEUs)
  • Coming Soon... Evidence-Based Practice in Athletic Training (3 EBP CEUs)
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Students work with world-class faculty who demonstrate excellence in scholarship, teaching and modeling service to this profession. Dedicated to the success of each student, faculty members provide expert instruction to Athletic Training degree students. Together with staff, they help students develop the professional attitudes and clinical problem-solving
skills necessary for optimum patient care. Interaction with a variety of instructors offers students exposure to a variety of teaching styles, healthcare- and education-related backgrounds and experiences that contribute to a well-rounded education fostering personal and professional growth.
Athletic Training Faculty & Staff

Athletic Training Departmental Faculty

Eric L. Sauers, PhD, ATC, FNATA Eric L. Sauers, PhD, ATC, FNATA

Chair of Athletic Training
Professor, Athletic Training


Tamara C. Valovich McLeod, PhD, ATC, FNATA Tamara C. Valovich McLeod, PhD, ATC, FNATA

J.P. Wood, D.O., Chair for Sports Medicine
Professor and Director of the Athletic Training Program


Alison Snyder Valier, PhD, ATC, FNATA Alison Snyder Valier, PhD, ATC, FNATA

Professor, Athletic Training


Barton E. Anderson, DHSc, AT, ATC Barton E. Anderson, DHSc, AT, ATC

Clinical Education Coordinator


Cailee E. Welch Bacon, PhD, ATC Cailee E. Welch Bacon, PhD, ATC

Associate Professor, Athletic Training


Health Sciences Faculty


Kellie C. Huxel Bliven, PhD, ATC Kellie C. Huxel Bliven, PhD, ATC

Professor, Human Anatomy


Kenneth C. Lam, ScD, ATC Kenneth C. Lam, ScD, ATC

Professor, Clinical Research


R. Curtis Bay, PhD R. Curtis Bay, PhD

Professor, Biostatistics


Kelsey Picha, MS, AT Kelsey Picha, MS, AT

Assistant Professor, Clinical Anatomy


Departmental Staff


Kaylynn Murphy Kaylynn Schmitt

Administrative Assistant


Athletic Training in Action
The two-year, post-professional master’s degree program includes core courses in anatomy and research with students enrolled in the ATSU-ASHS physical therapy, occupational therapy, and audiology programs. A major component of the Athletic Training program at ATSU-ASHS is the opportunity for student involvement in a wide range of supervised clinical
experiences. In consultation with the clinical education coordinator, the athletic training student will develop their proposed clinical education plan from activities in graduate assistantships and clinical rotations.
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Athletic Training Scholarly Showcase
The athletic training faculty and students from both the residential and online programs participate in scholarly work that is broad in scope and encompasses many forms of scholarship beyond the expectations of discovery research. The focus of the scholarly activities within the AT Department involves the scholarship of application through community-based projects.

Athletic Training Continuing Education
Explore the following courses that keep you compliant and connected.
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A.T. Still University’s Continuing Education department provides support for the University’s schools, graduates and the professional community to fulfill their potential throughout their careers and ultimately impact patient care and well-being. The Continuing Education department serves to improve professional knowledge and skills; fosters a positive impact on patient outcomes; exposes clinicians to new information; and develops an interdisciplinary, healthcare team approach to treating patients and improving community/population health through the development and implementation of cost-effective, evidence-based education programs.
Athletic Training Department