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When submitting your AT Life Moment™, don’t forget the HIPAA Privacy Rules.

When you submit pictures to accompany your story, please do not use someone’s name or personal information if they have not provided recorded permission to do so. Instead, provide a generic description of the individual or use the clinical setting. For example, the environment or AT who is around the patient at that time. An alternative option is to take the photo from the side, or as they walk away to protect their privacy.

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If another individual is prominently featured in your picture, please provide a written statement or video recording stating their name and giving permission to use the image and publish their AT Life Moment. The record will only be saved for compliance purposes and will not be published.

“I, [their name], give permission for [your name] to publish my photo online with my AT Life Moment.”

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Note: Per HIPAA and PII compliance, redactions may be facilitated to protect the identity of patients and organizations.