Earn your DO and MPH at the same time.

With ATSU's dual DO/MPH program, you can earn your Master of Public Health (MPH) through ATSU's College of Graduate Health Studies (ATSU-CGHS) while completing your Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine (DO) degree at ATSU-SOMA. Students trained in ATSU-SOMA's innovative community campus model will be well prepared for a medical career in public health venues. The MPH requires additional courses completed online via ATSU-CGHS. Applications to the MPH program are accepted toward the end of students' first year at ATSU-SOMA.

After earning your DO and MPH degrees you will be able to do the following and more:

  • Analyze issues of access, quality, and cost for populations, communities, and individuals
  • Evaluate social determinants of health and health disparities at your community health center and beyond
  • Hypothesize reasons for observed disparities
  • Create interventions to address health disparities
  • Design research studies to address health disparities
  • Compare and contrast research methodologies
  • Critically appraise public health and medical literature
  • Define health literacy and apply its concepts to health promotion and disease prevention programs
  • Apply knowledge and skills acquired from the curriculum and complete an academic paper suitable for publication
  • Present research findings at national meetings
  • Evaluate health promotion and disease prevention programs from a variety of perspectives

"Combining medical care and public health makes for an exciting, challenging and interesting career.  The ability to affect both individuals and populations is powerful."

- Joy H. Lewis, DO, PhD, FACP
Chair, ATSU-SOMA Department of Public Health
Director, DO/MPH Programs
Director, National Center for Community Health Research

Advanced Credit Courses (12 Credit Hours)

MED620 Epidemiology
MED621 Biostatistics

Dual Credit Course Options
ATSU-SOMA offers DO/MPH students options to enroll in two dual-credit courses that count toward both the DO and MPH degrees

Public Health Practicum (8 credit hours)
PCSL7134 - Patient Care Public Health in during OMS-III OR SELE8177 - Public Health during OMS-IV
ELEC8178 - Public Health Practicum during OMS-IV, w/concurrent enrollment in PUBH7850


PUBH5000 - Introduction to Public Health Concepts
PUBH5200 - Fundamentals of Research in Public Health
HLTH6500 - Behavior Sciences and Health Education Concepts
PPUBH6100 - Identifying Community Health Needs
PUBH6700 - Public Health Policy and Politics
PUBH6500 - Public Health Systems Policy and Management
MHAD6270 - Leading Healthcare Organizations
UBH5800 - Community Health Informatics
PUBH7500 - Development of Community-based Programs
ENVR6200 - Environmental Health Sciences
PUBH6700 - Public Health Policy and Politics
PUBH7850 - Public Health Practicum (Concurrent enrollment optional SOMA course ELEC8178*)
*Elective Course Options A and B: A. One CGHS Course Elective and One SOMA Dual-Credit Course Selective: PCSL7134 or SELE8177. B. Two CGHS Electives.

Student Testimonials

"The DO/MPH program at ATSU-SOMA provides me the tools to tackle the complex issues of underserved populations not only at the patient bedside, but also through sustainable interventions in the community."

- Geraldine Malana