Earn your DO and MPH at the same time.

With ATSU's dual DO/MPH program, you can earn your Master of Public Health (MPH) through ATSU's College of Health Studies (ATSU-CGHS) while completing your doctor of osteopathic medicine degree at ATSU-SOMA. Students trained in ATSU-SOMA's innovative community campus model will be well prepared for a medical career in public health venues. The MPH requires additional courses completed online via ATSU-CGHS. Applications to the MPH program are accepted toward the end of students' first year at ATSU-SOMA.

After earning your DO and MPH degrees you will be able to do the following and more:

  • Analyze issues of access, quality, and cost for populations, communities, and individuals
  • Evaluate social determinants of health and health disparities at your community health center and beyond
  • Hypothesize reasons for observed disparities
  • Create interventions to address health disparities
  • Design research studies to address health disparities
  • Compare and contrast research methodologies
  • Critically appraise public health and medical literature
  • Define health literacy and apply its concepts to health promotion and disease prevention programs
  • Apply knowledge and skills acquired from the curriculum and complete an academic paper suitable for publication
  • Present research findings at national meetings
  • Evaluate health promotion and disease prevention programs from a variety of perspectives

"Combining medical care and public health makes for an exciting, challenging and interesting career.  The ability to affect both individuals and populations is powerful."

- Joy H. Lewis, DO, PhD, FACP
Director of Public Health Programs and
Practice Based Research

Advanced Credit Courses Credit Given For Completing SOMA Curriculum (12 Credit Hours)

Public Health Biology

Dual Credit Courses Courses Integrated Into SOMA Curriculum (12 Credit Hours)

Public Health Practicum (8 credit hours)

CGHS Curriculum 10 Coures (4 Credit Hours Each)

PUBH5000 - Introduction to Public Health Concepts
PUBH5200 - Fundamentals of Research in Public Health
PUBH5800 - Community Health Informatics
PUBH6000 - Community health Improvement Planning
PUBH6100 - Identifying Community Health Needs
ENVR6200 - Environmental Health Sciences
PUBH6500 - Public Health Systems Policy and Mangement
HLTH6500 - Health Education Concepts
PUBH6700 - Public Health Policy and Politics

Student Testimonials

"The DO/MPH program at ATSU-SOMA provides me the tools to tackle the complex issues of underserved populations not only at the patient bedside, but also through sustainable interventions in the community."

- Geraldine Malana