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Center for Research in Osteopathic Manipulative Medicine



The Center for Research in Osteopathic Manipulative Medicine mission is to advance the use of objective feedback methods in educational programs that train learners in the performance of diagnostic and therapeutic manual skills.

SRI Scientists

  • Eric Snider, DO, Center Co-Director
  • Brian Degenhardt, DO, Center Co-Director
  • Zane Starks, MS, Instrumentation Specialist

SRI Research Associates

  • Vanessa Pazdernik, MS
  • Steve Webb, BA, BS
  • Markus Weslowski, BA
  • Shalini Bhatia, MS
  • Corey Luebbering, BS
  • Melissa Comstock, MS

General Areas of Research

  • Assessing Palpation Skills of Osteopathic Medical Students and Clinicians
  • Developing and offering programming that incorporates objective measures of palpation within osteopathic curricula to increase the accuracy and validity of palpatory diagnosis and treatment

Longterm Goals

Pilot training programs with local faculty and residents using instrumentation, models, and procedures established within the Center’s research program.

Training a pool of national clinical D.O. researchers who can document the reliability and accuracy of their palpatory skills.

Pilot training programs with groups of undergraduate students to utilize methodologies and models as objective feedback during OMM skill development.
Develop similar training programs at other osteopathic medical schools.

Current Projects

  • Multicenter study evaluating the Palpatory skills of first year medical students at KCOM, SOMA, and MUCOM using validated Models.
  • Use of Models to Assess the Accuracy of Positional Asymmetry Tests within osteopathic medical school curricula Advancing Medical Student Accuracy and Reliability Performance of Pelvic Positional Asymmetry Tests through Consensus Training and Objective Feedback
  • Advancing the Accuracy and Reliability of Manual Diagnostic Tests of select Medical Students.