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Physical Therapy

Physical Therapy

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Admission Statistics and Requirements

2015 - 2016 Admission's cycle:

Total applicants - 1286

Eligible applicants - 715

Selected for interview - 96

Matriculated - 64

Each applicant must submit information listed below to the Physical Therapist Centralized Application System (PTCAS) . All questions regarding to PTCAS applications must be directed to PTCAS - Customer Support.

  1. Baccalaureate Degree: Official transcripts for all college level courses must be submitted directly from the institution to PTCAS. Official transcripts showing an earned baccalaureate degree must be submitted prior to enrollment.
  2. Pre-requisite Courses: Applicants must complete all pre-requisite courses prior to the start of school. See a list of pre-requisite courses. Applicants with four (4) or more outstanding pre-requisites will not be considered for admission. Applicants must show proof of enrollment in any pending pre-requisite courses by the end of the Spring quarter.
  3. Applicants must have achieved a minimum 2.80 cumulative GPA and a 2.80 prerequisite GPA (on a 4.0 scale). These GPAs are calculated and reported by PTCAS. The ATSU Admissions Department does not recalculate GPAs.
  4. Graduate Record Examination Scores: Scores older than three years prior to admission year will not be accepted. The GRE general test Code for ASHS is 7695 listed under Arizona on the ETS website. Applicants are required to have a minimum GRE of 140 for verbal and quantitative as well as a 3.0 on the writing score.
  5. Letters of References: Specific information regarding letters of reference can be found in PTCAS. For the secondary application, applicants only need to supply the name of the references listed in the primary PTCAS application.
  6. Physical Therapy Observation: Applicants are required to obtain a minimum of 30 contact hours with a physical therapist in a variety of physical therapy settings prior to application submission. Exposure to multiple types of physical therapy practices such as, geriatrics, pediatrics, neurology and orthopedics is desired, and a consideration in the decision to offer admission. Students may contact hospitals, nursing homes and outpatient physical therapy clinics to meet the required observation hours. Observation hours do not have to be verified.
  7. ATSU maintains articulation agreements with Arizona State University (ASU), Grand Canyon University (GCU), Truman State University (TSU) and Chaminade University of Honolulu. More information.

Additional Admission Requirements

  1. Secondary or supplemental application: Applicants meeting the minimum GPA requirements will be invited by ATSU via email to submit a secondary application. This application, in addition to a $70 application fee, must be submitted to ATSU for admission consideration.
  2. All students are required to demonstrate proficiency in English when applying to the Arizona School of Health Sciences, A.T Still University. For non-native speakers, methods by which you can demonstrate your English Proficiency are published in the General Admissions section. International Admissions Requirements
  3. Interview: Applicants who are considered potential candidates may be required to participate in an applicant interview process. Personal interviews are conducted both on-site and by telephone. Dates are not released prior to reviewing an applicant's application.
  4. As a candidate for the DPT program at A.T. Still University, applicants must certify they meet the DPT Technical Standards for admission and matriculation.

The Residential DPT program admits on a rolling admission basis. Early application is strongly encouraged.

Applicants who wish to be considered for more than one program must submit a separate application and fee, official GRE scores, transcripts, and references for each health sciences program. Acceptance to ATSU-ASHS is to a specific program and is not transferable to any other program. Application materials are not transferable from one application year to another.

Prerequisite courses

Each student must submit proof of satisfactory completion at a minimum grade of “C” for each of the following courses by enrollment.

  • Biology/Anatomy - Two courses in Human Anatomy and Human Physiology, each including lecture and lab (two semesters or quarters of lecture and lab). Example: Human Anatomy and Physiology I and II, Human Anatomy and Human Physiology, all with lecture and lab.
  • Biology/Zoology - Two courses in Biology/Zoology, each including lecture and lab (two semesters or quarters of lecture and lab). Examples: General Biology I and II, Genetics, Molecular, Cellular and Microbiology, all with lecture and lab.
  • General Chemistry - Two courses in Chemistry, each including lecture and lab. (two semesters or quarters of lecture and lab). Examples: General Chemistry I and II, Organic Chemistry, Inorganic Chemistry, all with lecture and lab.
  • Physics - Two courses in Physics, each including lecture and lab (two semesters or quarters of lecture and lab). Examples: General Physics I and II, or College/University Physics I and II all with lecture and lab.
  • Statistics - One course, minimum of 3 semester/4 quarter hours. Examples: Applied Statistics, Elements of Statistics, and Statistics of Bio-Sciences.
  • Psychology - Two courses: One abnormal psychology and one either lifespan developmental or child psychology, minimum of 6 semester/9 quarter hours. No substitutes accepted.
  • Exercise Physiology – One course, minimum of 3 semester/4 quarter hours.

For questions, please contact Residential Admissions office at 480-219-6000 or email