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As a physical therapist, you are committed to making a difference through a whole person clinical approach, higher professional standards, a passion for learning, and dedication to making a positive impact on healthcare by serving unmet community health needs.

Through a commitment to lifelong learning, PTs enhance their patient care and professional standing to take on new leadership roles, start new practices, or add new skills to their daily clinical routine.

As a leader within your space, you see firsthand the crucial role physical therapists play in the improvement of movement dysfunction, rehabilitation, and education. From academics and industry leadership to health education and patient-centered treatment, PTs do it all.

Share your story and inspire the seasoned and next generation of physical therapists with examples of how PTs make a big difference every day in so many ways—take a moment to inspire others.

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Want to make a difference in the future of your patients and the PT profession? The Postprofessional Doctor of Physical Therapy online program offers curriculum plans that are personalized and student-centric, enabling students to complete courses at the pace their practice and personal life requires.

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