Simulation Clinic

The dental simulation clinic is located on the second floor of the Main Clinic building, which serves as an innovative learning environment for ATSU-ASDOH students. Here, students learn the dental sciences with the best technology available before advancing to the ATSU-ASDOH patient-care setting.

The 5,000 square foot building is currently equipped with 79 simulation units. These units are equipped with kavo Manikins, simulators, electric hand pieces, dental instruments, teeth models, and face masks to teach students how to work ergonomically. As the units are easy and quick to adjust to all required treatment positions, students have the same experience as working on a live patient. In addition to the individual monitors at every station, there are eight large overhead monitors disbursed throughout the simulation clinic.

The instructor teaching area contains a computer, upgraded document camera, and overhead camera for instructor demonstrations. First and second year dental students spend most of their time practicing hand skills in the simulation clinic to prepare for live patients.

There are two wet labs with ten sinks and stainless steel work space.All the required lab equipment are provided to the students to finish their lab work.

Part of the simulation clinic training includes exposing the students to the CAD-CAM technology. The simulation clinic has six Omni CAD-CAM Machines that the students use in multiple courses. The simulation clinic aims to keep up with current and upcoming advancements in technology.