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Student research opportunities

Student research opportunities incorporate state-of-the-art technology, hands-on lab experiences, and world-renowned training from leading researchers, educators, and mentors.

  • Clinician Researcher Development Program (CRDP) and internships

    • Summer Program Application

      Through active participation in clinical and/or biomedical research experiences, the CRDP provides mentorship to both graduate or undergraduate students who aim to actively engage in clinical or translational research as a regular aspect of clinical practice within the healthcare field.

      The ATSRI supports a select group of broad yet critically-minded students to provide them with a research experience that will be meaningful in their development as a clinician researcher by teaching them to:

      • Formulate a scientific question
      • Analyze data
      • Write manuscripts
      • Develop and present scientific posters
      • Compete for research funding

      The ATSRI offers the following programs

      • Summer Research Experience: Two-month research experience beginning late May or early June and ending late July or early August.
      • Academic Year Research Experience: An intensive experience beginning in August and ending in May.


      • Stipend: When funding is available, for their participation in the program, students will receive either an earning stipend or funding to present research at a national conference.
      • Academic/Elective Credit: When available, the ATSRI will work with your University/College to fulfill academic program research/scholarship requirements.
  • Program requirements

      • Research hours: Students selected for a Summer Research Experience are expected to pursue their training approximately 30 hours/week. Students selected for the Academic Year Research Experience are expected to pursue training 4-10 hours/week.
      • Mentorship and team meetings: Students are expected to meet with their research mentor and attend team meetings as required.
      • Protecting Human Subject Research Participants and Financial Conflict of Interest: Students selected for participation in clinical research projects and/or projects involving human subjects must complete the NIH Office of Extramural Research web training programs Protecting Human Research Participants and Financial Conflict of Interest.
      • Interdisciplinary Biomedical Research Symposium (IBRS): Each year in the fall the ATSRI hosts an annual research symposium. All CRDP students are expected to submit an abstract to the symposium.
  • Eligibility

    • Although previous research experience is not necessary, applicants must possess or demonstrate the following criteria to be eligible:

      • Strong interest in a career as a physician or allied health professional focused on whole body healthcare based on attention to the mind, body, and spirit of their future patients or a strong interest in a career that directly contributes to clinical research activities (i.e., computer technology, engineering, and psychology).
      • Strong interest in science and the scientific method.
      • Community service/leadership experience.
      • Excellent computer skills.
      • Excellent communication skills (oral, written, and technological).
      • Excellent work ethic.
      • Strong academic record.
      • Broad-yet critically-minded.
      • Demonstrated maturity.
  • Application process

    • To apply for a Clinical Research Internship, submit the following materials:

      1. Completed Application
      2. Letter of Intent (Cover Letter)—please address the following in your letter:
        • Reasons for interest in the program
        • Academic/professional goals
        • Personal interest in clinical and/or biomedical research
      3. Up-to-date CV
      4. Two Letters of Recommendation: At least one letter must be from a faculty member who can speak to your academic ability. The second letter may be from another faculty member, employer or organization that you work with.
      5. Transcript: Email an official transcript showing the most recent courses taken to:

      Contact with any questions.