Medical Education

Performance Assessment Center

KCOM is committed to the performance assessment of the skill development of its medical students. While this has been true since its inception, the opening of the Tinning Education Center in 1995 included a special facility that serves as the center for KCOM medical student performance assessment. The results of the performance assessment program are used to ensure student competence as well as to improve KCOM’s educational program.

The objective of KCOM’s performance assessment center is to provide the learning, testing, and, where necessary, remediation experiences to validate a level of clinical skill competence which is appropriate for medical students entering their postgraduate training. The KCOM campus facility is the location of learning and testing experience for students in their first two years of study and for the Missouri Region students during their clinical rotations.

For further information, please contact:

Trish Sexton, DHEd
Associate Dean, Curriculum