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Timothy P. Geisbuhler, PhD



Associate Professor
Department of Physiology


Address: A.T. Still University of Health Sciences
Kirksville College of Osteopathic Medicine
800 W. Jefferson St.
Kirksville, MO  63501

PhD: Ohio State University, 1983



Research Interests: Dr. Geisbuhler's long-term research goal is to understand how metabolic and homeostatic processes in the heart are affected by disease. In recent years, his work has centered on myocardial ischemia. The onset of ischemia triggers a number of metabolic changes in heart cells. One such change is that 5'-nucleotides, the "energy currency" of the cell, are degraded and lost from the tissue. Dr. Geisbuhler uses cells isolated from the heart as a model system to examine strategies for causing rapid resynthesis of nucleotides in postischemic heart. Dr. Geisbuhler also uses isolated cells to study other metabolic phenomena related to ischemic cell injury.

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