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ASHS DISTANCE Commencement

Pre-Commencement Orientation

Thursday, August 4, 2016
A.T. Still University - Arizona
1:45 p.m.
Schedule of Events
Note: you must have your full regalia with you for official University photographs.



Friday, August 5, 2016
10:00 a.m.
Ikeda Theater, Mesa Arts Center
Additional Information

Cannot attend? Watch live:; the program will begin broadcasting at the time listed above.

The following is a check-list to help ensure you will complete all requirements to participate in your ceremony. Your participation in the official commencement ceremony is highly encouraged by the University.

1) Graduation RSVP (Required of all graduates.)
2) Gown and Tam/Tassel
3) Announcements
4) Guest Hooder (Optional)
6) Commencement Tickets
5) Photos
6) Diplomas

If you need additional assistance please contact Mykel Estes, Student Affairs Coordinator.

Graduation RSVP

All students of A.T. Still University are required to RSVP to their commencement ceremony at least 30 days prior to their ceremony date:

Audiology [TAUD]
Occupational Therapy [OTD]
Occupational Therapy [AMOT]
Physical Therapy [TDPT]
Physican Assistant [APA]

Gown and Tassel/Tam

Graduates are responsible for purchasing their own gown, tassel, mortar board/tam for their commencement ceremony.

Oak Hall is the preferred vendor for ATSU commencement regalia; to order navigate to Oak Hall’s online ordering system (available here).

Note: ATSU - Arizona does not have an on-campus bookstore or venue to purchase so please ensure you order from Oak Hall early to avoid additional shipping costs.

The Department of Student Affairs will purchase Master/Doctoral hoods for each graduate participating in her/his ceremony; these hoods will be presented during the Hooding Ceremony.

Ceremony Announcements
CB Announcements/ Balfour is the preferred vendor for ATSU commencement announcements. To order from CB Announcements/ Balfour, please complete the following steps:

  • Navigate to CB Announcements/ Balfour online (available here).
  • Select Your State: Arizona
  • Select Your School: A.T. Still University
  • Ceremony Month: August
  • Press Continue.

Guest Hooder (Optional)

Each graduate will be hooded by her/his Department/Program designee; if a Graduate has an individual she/he wants to hood them they may request that option.

Individuals meeting the following criteria may apply to be a guest hooder during the commencement ceremony:

  • Guest Hooder must hold a terminal degree [i.e.: DMD, DDS, DO, MD, Ph.D, Ed.D, Au.D., D.P.T., etc.) or equivalency of the degree being conferred.

Note: faculty of A.T. Still University do not qualify as a guest hooder; those requests must be approved by your Department Head.

Complete the online form (accessible here) to submit your request. Note: you must access the form using your portal log-in credentials.

Commencement Tickets

Each graduate will be distributed eleven (11) tickets for her/his ceremony. If this number is not sufficient for your needs we strongly encourage soliciting colleagues who will not be utilizing their allotment.

Commencement Photos

Grad Images is the official photographer of ATSU commencement celebrations; please navigate to their web site for ordering instructions (available here).

Note: you will not be in the system until after your ceremony, navigating any earlier will not provide personalized information.


Diplomas will be ordered after all grades are received at the end of the academic semester/quarter. It will take approximately 6 to 8 weeks after your ceremony to receive your diploma.

The date on your diploma will be the last day of the quarter in which you completed academic requirements.

To ensure proper delivery of your diploma contact the Office of the Registrar (available here) to make necessary updates.