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Summer Preceptorship - Program Policies


Our highest priority for this initial rotation is that you have a positive learning experience. With that in mind, we will attempt to assure that you are assigned to highly recommended preceptors, have adequate information about your assigned site, and that it meets at least some of your individual learning preferences and priorities. We try to balance housing, food, and travel issues to get the best experience possible for each student. However, we are providing the following information so that, as much as possible, we can all avoid unpleasant surprises.

  1. Travel Policy - all students are expected to provide their own transportation to their assigned community and daily transportation to their worksite.  ATSU AHEC partner sites are in Missouri but may be as far away as 350 miles and daily commute can be as far as 60 miles. NOTE: If you DO NOT have a car of your own to use for these two weeks, you will need to: 1) coordinate transportation with another student, and 2) notify AHEC staff early.
  2. Food Policy - There are no requirements that the site provide meals for you. Many do, some provide all meals, some "treat" occasionally. You will need to plan to buy your own meals.
  3. Lodging Policy - You are responsible for your own housing during your rotation. At or near most sites, there may be AHEC housing available - for students only (cost no more than $50/week). If you prefer more elaborate accommodations, or wish to have a non-student staying/visiting with you during your rotation, the AHEC staff may be able to recommend housing options near your preceptor's site. All AHEC housing sites require that there is only one individual per bed, with a sleeping room containing only two individuals of the same gender.

    Sites that AHEC utilizes consist of:
    • AHEC apartments/houses
    • Preceptor homes
    • Private homes/host families
    • Hospital
    • Dormitory
    • Motel
  4. Military Service Policy - Students completing extended military training during the summer break may request some adaptation of rotation requirements.

If you have any questions about your rotation, housing or travel, you may email Sara Amini-Rad ( or make an appointment to discuss specific questions.



Kirksville College of Osteopathic Medicine students are required to successfully complete a two-week experience within the field of primary care. Typically, primary care includes:

  • Family Practice with or without Obstetrics
  • General Pediatrics
  • General Internal Medicine

Additionally emergency medicine, obstetrics-gynecology, and general surgery sites are sometimes included as options for CE placements. Students will be scheduled for a 2-week rotation during either June or July of the summer between the first and second year. Course materials for this two-week experience are provided/delivered to students and preceptors prior to onset. In addition to the course requirements, the goal of this course, for the student, is exposure to primary rural and underserved population medicine.

The KCOM AHEC office is responsible for site placement. Except in cases of significant extenuating circumstances (military, medical, etc) which require program modification, students will be placed within the state of Missouri and outside Kirksville/Adair County. Modification of requirements may be requested if a student’s situation may limit his or her participation in the program. When requesting a modification, students must supply appropriate written verification:

Military Commitment: We must have confirmation of the nature of the military commitment from the appropriate military representative. Medical Condition: A statement from the student's healthcare provider must accompany this request.

The student placement processes begin during the fall semester. Whenever possible, requests for placement modifications must be received prior to February 28th. Modification requests are to be directed to Sara Amini-Rad ( or Dr. Janet Head ( in the AHEC office. Dr. Joseph Novinger, course director for Clinical Experiences II (Summer Preceptorship), will review all requests and determine appropriate action. Responses to the request will be forwarded to both the student and the ATSU-KCOM AHEC office.


For more information regarding the ATSU/KCOM immunization policies, please click here.