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Mission, Vision, VALUES, & Goals

The Aging Studies Project mission & vision:

ATSU’s Aging Studies Project is the University’s response to the aging of America.

The Aging Studies Project is:

  • A university-wide program.
  • A focal point for the University’s interprofessional education activities.
  • Managed by an inter-campus team of faculty and staff.
  • Guided by advisory groups composed of students, faculty, elders and agency representatives.

The Aging Studies Project values are:

  • Freedom and autonomy of older people.
  • Enhanced quality of life for older people through their web of relationships (e.g. family, friends, community, social organizations).
  • Future health professionals respecting the uniqueness of older persons and recognizing older persons as partners in their healthcare.
  • Future health professionals understanding family, community, and environmental resources that can empower the older person.

The Aging Studies Project goal areas include:

  • Service learning outreach to community elders and service agencies, with the goal of bringing students into direct contact with community-based elders and expanding learning resources for community members.
  • Advancement of opportunities for interprofessional clinical interaction to strengthen student capacity for the interprofessional teamwork needed, especially for geriatric care.
  • Development of aging-focused education modules for use by students and faculty of all schools and departments as well as community members and partners to enhance knowledge and understanding of care of older adults