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Teaching & Learning Center
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Teaching & Learning Center

​A.T. Still University’s (ATSU) Teaching & Learning Center (TLC) is an innovative center and University-wide resource that helps bridge resources, development opportunities and activities across all University programs.

The center provides high quality, learner-centered resources to improve student-learning outcomes. To support effective approaches to teaching and assessment of student learning, TLC offers webinars, interdepartmental events, and synchronous and asynchronous workshops on pertinent and innovative teaching practices. Additionally, a repository of educational resources is available to all faculty and staff through the TLC portal site.

TLC supports and promotes the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning (SoTL) in medical and graduate education by offering applicable resources and opportunities for faculty to increase their rate of publication.

In collaboration with the University’s Educational Technology Development Center, TLC provides opportunities for faculty to connect specific pedagogical strategies with the newest education software and technologies.

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  • Staff +

    • Brittany Williams, MS
      Instructional Designer and Faculty Development Coordinator

      As instructional designer and faculty development coordinator, Brittany Williams, MS, works with the Faculty Advisory Committee, composed of faculty from various ATSU programs, to create and coordinate customized educational development opportunities for all University faculty.

      Williams brings more than seven years of faculty development and teaching experience to ATSU. Prior to joining ATSU, she developed and delivered professional development workshops and training sessions for traditional campus and nontraditional faculty at Grand Canyon University (GCU) in Phoenix, Arizona.

      As an adjunct faculty member for the College of Humanities and Social Sciences at GCU, she worked with traditional as well as adult learners in various educational modalities. She managed campus and nontraditional adjunct faculty by overseeing classroom peer support reviews, instructional coaching, and faculty mentoring. She has attended and presented at nationally recognized teaching and learning conferences.

      Brittany Williams holds BS and MS degrees from Barry University in Miami Shores, Florida. Her master’s degree focuses on organizational learning and leadership with a specialization in higher education.

  • Events and Programming +

    • TLC collaborates with faculty members to develop and shape their educational goals. The center offers assistance in all areas to help educational practices evolve based on the latest evidence-based research.

      The center offers a wide range of faculty resources including workshops, hosted webinars, and archived videos. Sessions focus on a variety of teaching and learning topics pertinent to both experienced and new faculty. Whether faculty members teach in didactic, online and/or clinical settings, they can find a range of helpful topics. Live event offerings allow those attending the opportunity to share knowledge and discuss experiences with colleagues across programs and disciplines.

      View the TLC 2016-2017 Annual Report (pdf).

      Email should you have questions.

      Past events and programs

      Accommodating student with disabilities

      “Disability Laws”
      Feb. 8, 2017
      Barbara Kornblau, JD, OTR

      “Accommodating Students with Disabilities - Clinical Education Setting Emphasis”
      Feb. 7, 2017
      Barbara Kornblau, JD, OTR


      “Learning Assessment Techniques: How to Integrate New Activities that Gauge What and How Well Students Learn”
      March 28, 2017
      Elizabeth F. Barkley, PhD

      “The True Test: Authentic Assessment”
      Feb. 21, 2017
      Bob J. McMullen, EdD, PA-C

      Assessment Week 2017

      Day one:

      Opening session
      Feb. 21, 2017
      Ann Boyle, DMD, MA

      “The True Test: Authentic Assessment”
      Feb. 21, 2017
      Bob McMullen, EdD, PA-C

      “Assessing Professionalism & Other Soft Skills”
      Feb. 21, 2017
      Linda Suskie, MA, Educational Measurement & Statistics

      Day two:

      “Preparing Students for Successful Clinical Experiences & Careers”
      Feb. 22, 2017
      Linda Suskie, MA, Educational Measurement & Statistics

      “Creating Meaningful, Useful Rubrics”
      Feb. 22, 2017
      Linda Suskie, MA, Educational Measurement & Statistics

      Day three:

      Panel session: “Assessing Clinical Skills in the Pre-Clinical Curriculum”
      Feb. 23, 2017

      Panel session: “Assessing Clinical Skills in the Clinical Curriculum”
      Feb. 23, 2017

      Closing Summary
      Feb. 23, 2017
      Ann Boyle, DMD, MA

      These sessions gathered experts in the assessment of clinical skills in the pre-clinical and clinical curriculum from across multiple schools within ATSU.

      Critical thinking

      “Teaching Critical Thinking to Students”
      Dec. 15, 2016
      Linda B. Nilson, PhD

      “How can I help Students Develop Critical Thinking Skills”
      Dec. 4, 2015
      Rob Jenkins, Debi Moon, and Marsha Ham, PhD


      “Preparing Faculty for Academic Leadership”
      Jan. 24, 2018
      Dr. Monique Perry and Yolanda Wilson

      Promoting scholarship

      Academic Coaching and Writing Initiative
      Spring 2018
      Academic Affairs and TLC

      Academic Coaching and Writing Initiative Luncheon and Kick Off
      Jan. 12, 2018
      Academic Affairs and TLC

      Applying the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning | Writing Series: “Going Public With Your Writing Project”
      Dec. 6, 2017
      Caroline Eisner, PhD

      Applying the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning | Writing Series: “Designing Your Writing Project”
      Nov. 1, 2017
      Caroline Eisner, PhD

      Applying the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning | Writing Series: “Developing a Topic for Your Scholarship of Teaching and Learning (SoTL)”
      Sept. 6, 2017
      Oct. 4, 2017
      Caroline Eisner, PhD

      “Engaging Students in Scholarly Activities at the Point-of-Care”
      April 26, 2017
      Cailee Welch Bacon, PhD, ATC

      The Academic Coaching and Writing Initiative supports and guides faculty members to formulate and organize their ideas to help advance their academic goals.

      The program aims to create a community that can overcome isolation and deliver to each individual the tools needed to understand the scholarship process.

      Twelve faculty were selected from submitted applications to work directly with an academic writing coach for twelve-weeks in an individualized Coaching and Writing Program. The end goal of the program is to aid faculty in the development of SoTL projects and preparation of manuscripts for publication.

      Role modeling

      “Faculty Role-Modeling in Health Professions Education”
      Nov. 16, 2017
      May 10, 2017
      Sharon Obadia, DO, and Milton Pong, PhD

      Student engagement

      “Tips & Techniques to Engage Students in their Learning”
      Oct. 26, 2016
      Marsha Ham, PhD

      Teaching and learning

      “Generational Shift: Why We Should Modify Our Instructional Strategies for the Next Generations of Health Care Providers”
      Oct. 11, 2017
      Mary Niemczyk, PhD

      MindLife Dynamics Training
      April 17-18, 2017
      May 15-16, 2017
      Oct. 2, 2017
      ATSU-School of Osteopathic Medicine in Arizona faculty completed training
      Oct. 3-4, 2017 ATSU-Arizona School of Dentistry and Oral Health faculty completed training

      “Learning-Centered Teaching: Coordinating Evidence-Based Teaching With Evidence-Based Learning”
      May 18, 2016
      Todd Zakrajsek, PhD

      “Teaching for Learning: The Evidence and the Myths”
      May 18, 2016
      Todd Zakrajsek, PhD

      “The New Science of Learning: How to Learn in Harmony with Your Brain” First-Year Student Lunch Presentation (Faculty were invited to watch via Zoom).
      Aug. 29-30, 2017
      Todd Zakrajsek, PhD

      Missouri campus Grant Challenge
      Nov. 15, 2017

      Arizona campus Grant Challenge
      Feb. 24, 2016

      Missouri campus Grant Challenge
      Nov. 18, 2015

      Teaching with technology

      Kirksville Technology Happy Hour: “Green Screen and Video Compositing in the Classroom”
      Sept. 1, 2017
      Kirsty Gaither, Susan Swogger and Brittany Williams

      Mesa Technology Happy Hour: “Green Screen and Video Compositing in the Classroom”
      Aug. 18, 2017
      Kirsty Gaither and Brittany Williams

  • SparkTank +

    • ​TLC hosts a biennial creative teaching and learning live show-style grant challenge. The event is open for to all ATSU students, faculty, and staff to advance development of innovative teaching and learning project ideas.

      Selected participants pitch their ideas for a chance to win $5,000 to fund their project. The grant challenge supports the University’s mission as a learning-centered institution preparing highly competent healthcare professionals through innovative teaching and learning practices and activities.

      How SparkTank works

      • Challenge teams can be any combination of students, faculty, and/or staff members with a maximum of three members per team. Individual students and student teams must have a faculty mentor.
      • Each individual or team has 10 minutes to pitch their project idea.
      • Following each pitch, judges ask questions about the project idea. Audience members also have a chance to ask questions. The judges award points to each team.
      • Once all pitches are complete, judges’ scores are tabulated, and the winning projects are announced.
      • The winning projects receive up to a $5,000 implementation grant.
      • Winning project team members can apply for a separate travel grant if their project is accepted for national conference presentation or poster session within the continental United States. Project papers accepted for publication in a peer-reviewed journal will earn a cash award for team members.

      More about SparkTank.

  • Purpose and Vision +

    • Purpose

      ATSU’s Teaching & Learning Center provides faculty with quality resources, programs and activities to promote innovative teaching and learning-centered practices to positively affect student-learning outcomes.


      ATSU’s Teaching & Learning Center will become the principal resource in the search for and dissemination of best educational practices for ATSU faculty in their quest to positively impact student learning.