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ASHS Distance - Physical Therapy

Tuition : Payment Plan : Loans : Employer Tuition Reimbursement

Veterans Educational Benefits : Tuition Refund Policy for Transitional DPT Distance Education



Tuition for the Transitional DPT program is $9,989 for the entire program for students who matriculate during the 2014-15 academic year. Tuition is due two weeks before the start of class.

Payment Plan

A quarterly tuition payment plan is available. Under the payment plan, a payment of $2,497.25 is due each quarter throughout the first year of the program. A non-refundable $175 one-time service fee will be charged with the first payment.


Since the program is linear in nature and has modules, none of the students enrolled are considered half-time. Therefore, no Transitional DPT student is eligible for any federal loans.  If a loan is necessary, students also have the option of seeking a private loan.

Employer Tuition Reimbursement

The Transitional tDPT program qualifies for most reimbursement programs. ATSU is regionally accredited by the North Central Association for Colleges and Schools, Commission on Higher Education. Many other students have been allowed to apply continuing education funds to the program. Since most academic degree plans cross two calendar years, many students have received almost full reimbursement for the program.

Veterans Educational Benefits

The Transitional DPT program works with Veterans Educational Benefits. For more information, visit A.T. Still University - Registrar - Veteran's Benefits.

Tuition Refund Policy for Transitional DPT Distance Education Students

If a student withdraws from the program after tuition payment has been submitted, the following refund policy applies. If the course is dropped:

Prior to logging into first course

Tuition refund minus $250

Prior to completing first course

Tuition refund minus $500

Prior to completing the program

Pro-rated tuition refund minus $500

Tuition Refund Policy for Non-Degree Seeking Option

Students may withdraw from class at any time prior to or during the course.  If a student drops a course before the quarter begins, they will receive a 100% tuition refund less a $60 administrative fee.

Student withdraws from a class:

Refund Policy:

1st - 3rd calendar day of the course

75% refund

4th - 6th calendar day of the course

50% refund

7th  - 9th calendar day of the course

25% refund

10th calendar day of the course or thereafter

No refund


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