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Neal Chamberlain PhD. Medical Microbiology

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Computerized Teaching Materials for the Infectious Diseases Course at A.T. Still University/Kirksville College of Osteopathic Medicine (ATSU/KCOM*)
Microbial Educational Study Common Causes of diseases Microbial Educational Study
Viral Diseases, Etiological Agents, Virology Skin Rashes

Dr. Chamberlain's Infectious Diseases Lectures: These lectures include the Hematopoietic, Systemic, Gastrointestinal Tract, Cardiovascular infections, Upper Respiratory Tract, Lower Respiratory Tract, Urinary Tract, and Sexually Transmitted Diseases.

Gettings Family Questions: New! 11/18/13; Test your microbial knowledge with this family's illnesses. Note this family is fictional the diseases are not. Will add new questions as I get time.

Dr. Tritz's Infectious Diseases Lectures: Dr. Tritz retired June 30, 2003 and there will be no new versions of these lectures for now. These lectures include the Central Nervous System, Integument, Eye, and Ear.

Infectious Diseases Laboratory Notebook: This notebook will help you identify your bacterial unknowns. Gram Staining Index.

Common Causes: The common causes of various diseases.

Notifiable Diseases: A list of the diseases that have to be reported to the Centers of Disease Control.

Infectious Disease Names and their Etiologies (causes)

A book I wrote that might help you learn microbiology organized by organ system and by human disease. Click on Image to see where you can get it.

Medical Microbiology: The Big Picture


  Infectious Disease Names, Etiologists Clinical Cases

Nearly all the Bugs that Cause:

Clinical Cases Developed at KCOM:

Skin Rashes: Diseases1-6. Do you know the other numbered diseases besides Fifth Disease?

Medically Important Fungi (with images)

Golden Stethoscope Contest- Sorry you can't compete in this contest, however the cases I used with my students are there for you to try to solve. The answers to the questions are now accessible without having to email me.

2013 Recommended Childhood (0-6 Year Old) Immunization Schedule

2013 Recommended Immunization (7-18 Year Old) Schedule

2013 Recommended Adult Immunization Schedule

*Where is ATSU/KCOM? Click here.

Computerized Teaching Materials for the Medical Microbiology Course at KCOM
Microbial Educational Study Common Causes of diseases Microbial Educational Study
Viral Diseases, Etiological Agents, Virology Skin Rashes

Introduction to Microbes


  Infectious Disease Names, Etiologists Clinical Cases

Dr. Tritz's Medical Microbiology 2000 Lectures



Microbial Educational Study
Viral Diseases, Etiological Agents, Virology Skin Rashes

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Microbial Research Education

Infections from drinking raw milk

Biological Warfare Bioterrorism Handbook

Photo Gallery of Pathogenic Bacteria

Bacterial Pathogen Pronunciation Station

Fungal Pathogen Pronunciation Station

Pathogenic Parasite Pronunciation Station

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Computerized Clinical Cases

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