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Students Participating In an Online Program


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1)  What is the school code to use on the FAFSA?  The ATSU school code for all campuses and programs is: G02477.  A general video created by Federal Student Aid can be viewed at:


2)  Do I have to fill out the FAFSA every school year? Yes!  The FAFSA must be completed every academic year if you wish to receive a financial aid award letter and be offered any type of federal financial aid.  We must have access to your FAFSA prior to the start of fall quarter (ASHS) or fall block 1 (CGHS) in order to send you a financial aid award letter  We suggest that once you have completed your taxes, go and complete your FAFSA so  you don’t inadvertently forget it.  To complete your FAFSA, visit


3)  How long does it take for you to receive my FAFSA?  It can sometimes take 3 - 5 business days before we have access to your FAFSA information.


4)  I haven’t filed my taxes yet, should I still complete my FAFSA?  That’s really up to you, but we cannot offer financial aid until your tax return has been filed and your FAFSA updated accordingly.  So, you might want to complete as much as possible on the FAFSA and as soon as you file your tax return you can answer the remaining questions and submit your FAFSA.


5)  After I filled out my FAFSA, I received a SAR.  What is the SAR?  SAR stands for Student Aid Report.  Each student needs to review the information carefully to make sure it is correct and complete.  If there is an issue with the SAR, please correct the information.  If no revisions are needed, keep it for your records.


6)  I am not a US Citizen, am I eligible for federal financial aid?  You must be a U.S. citizen or an eligible non-citizen (possessing Permanent Resident card (I-551), an I-551C or an I-94 with eligible designations).  You are NOT eligible if you have an F1 or F2 student visa, J1 or J2 exchange visitor visa, or G series visa. 


7)  Are there deadlines as to when the financial aid process has to be completed?  Yes!  For the deadlines associated with your program, please visit Financial Aid Deadlines for Online Students.


8)  Are there fees associated with borrowing?  Yes.  The table below contains the most recent origination fees on the federal loans:


Loan Date

Origination Fee - STAFFORD

Origination Fee - Grad PLUS

On or after Oct. 1, 2014

On or after Dec. 1, 2013



On or after July 1, 2013




Origination fees will continue to fluctuate until 2021 due to Sequestration. Current interest rates effective July 1, 2014 - Stafford Loan (unsubsidized) rate will be 6.21% and the Grad PLUS interest rate will be 7.21%.  The interest on both of these loans will begin to accrue when the funds are made available to the student.


9)  When will I receive my award letter? The award letter will be sent to you prior to the start of the term.  The award letter will be sent to your ATSU email account, so please monitor your emails!


10) What is included in my financial aid award offer?  We offer academic expenses for our online students.  Your financial aid award offer will include your tuition (and fees, if applicable) for the academic year, book money, and internet service provider funds. 


The financial aid offer for incoming students also includes a one-time computer allowance.


If you will be required to travel to attend an institute as part of your curriculum requirements, your award offer will also include travel allowance.


11)  When will I receive the proceeds of the financial aid?  Funds from your loans will be electronically deposited to your account ten days after each term has started.


The tuition and fees are paid from these funds, and the remainder is sent to you as a stipend for your books, internet service provider funds, etc.  This stipend is sent via direct deposit to the bank account that you set up as part of the award letter process.


12)  The tuition is due before the date classes begin and I will not receive the aid until the second week of classes.  What do I do? Student Financial Services works in close association with the Controller’s Office, which allows students who have completed all steps of the financial aid process to continue in their courses without paying out-of-pocket.  These students will not be blocked from courses or be penalized in any way while waiting for the financial aid disbursement.


NOTE:  Since the financial aid funds are received the second week of class, students are responsible to get their books prior to the start of class and reimburse themselves (or pay off their credit card) once the financial aid is received.


13)  I would like to receive a different amount than what my award letter shows.  May I adjust the amount?  You can choose to accept a lesser amount than your full financial aid award offer (i.e., if you only want to accept enough to cover tuition and fees).  However, you may not increase the amount, as the financial aid award offer is the  most we can offer you for the academic year.

14)  What is the Master Promissory Note (MPN)?  The MPN is a legally binding contract the student must sign.  It is an agreement to repay the Stafford and/or Grad PLUS loan money borrowed.  The MPN also describes your rights and responsibilities as a student loan borrower.


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