Program Competencies

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Practice dentistry guided by professional values, ethical principles, self-assessment and as required by law to address the oral health needs of individual patients and the community. (CODA 2-10, 2-17, 2-20)




Scientific Practice

Apply critical thinking, problem-solving, quantitative knowledge and reasoning (including analysis of data, appraisal of evidence, synthesis and integration of new information) to the practice of dentistry. (CODA 2-9, 2-21)





Apply knowledge of molecular, biochemical, cellular and systems-level mechanisms that maintain homeostasis and of the dysregulation of these mechanisms to the prevention, diagnosis and management of disease in the dental patient. (CODA 2-11, 2-12, 2-13, 2-14)




Behavioral Sciences

Apply behavioral principles to function successfully in a multicultural work environment, to manage a diverse patient population, and to promote, improve and maintain the health of dental patients. (CODA 2-15, 2-16, 2-23 d)




Treatment Planning

Formulate a provisional, differential and definitive diagnosis and a comprehensive, sequenced treatment plan, alternative plans and limited care plans for dental patients; make referrals to other providers; describe prognosis; obtain informed consent, evaluate outcomes of treatment, and recommend recall. (CODA 2-23 a, b, c, o, 2-24)




Patient Care

Assess and manage the oral health care needs of patients within the scope of general dentistry in all stages of life (infants, children, adolescents, adults, geriatric patients and patients with special needs).
(CODA 2-22, 2-23 a, d, e, f, g, h, i, j, k, l, m, n; 2-24, 2-25)


Practice Management

Apply principles and philosophies of patient management, models of health care delivery and leadership of an oral health care team.
(CODA 2-18)




Public Health

Work collaboratively to assess, address and/or solve population-based health issues using the public health principles of assessment, policy development and assurance. (CODA 2-25)


Interprofessional Practice

Function effectively, respectfully and ethically in an interprofessional team to plan and deliver patient-/ population-centered care. (CODA 2-19)