Mission & Purpose Statement

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​MOSDOH Mission Statement

The Missouri School of Dentistry & Oral Health will educate dental students to provide comprehensive patient care in an environment of scholarly engagement and inquiry. Graduates will become community and educational leaders, serve those in need, and promote life-long learning. (rev. 1/15)

The MOSDOH Purpose Statement

The program will produce graduates with a strong foundation of critical inquiry, evidence-based practice, research, and cultural proficiency, an orientation to prevention and interprofessional and interdisciplinary healthcare experiences. We will promote the delivery of optimal patient care and foster the transfer of newly acquired knowledge, skills and technology to the profession and to the community. The curriculum will intertwine the humanist qualities of compassion, altruism and community-focus with the traditional educational components of oral health competency, ethics, integrity, leadership, service, professionalism and excellence. (rev. 5/14)